BillionGraves Site Map

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BillionGraves Cemeteries for Oklahoma, United States

Aaron CemeteryEgypt CemeteryLookeba CemeteryResthaven Cemetery
Abney CemeteryEl Reno CemeteryLookout CemeteryResthaven Funeral Home
Abrams CemeteryEldorado CemeteryLookout CemeteryResthaven Gardens Cemetery
Adair CemeteryElgin CemeteryLord CemeteryResthaven Memorial Gardens Office
Addington CemeteryElgin Memorial CemeteryLorenz CemeteryResthaven Memorial Park
Adkins CemeteryEllis CemeteryLost City CemeteryRestland Cemetery
Agency CemeteryEllis Chapel CemeteryLouis CemeteryRestlawn Memorial Park
Agent CemeteryElm cemeteryLove CemeteryResurrection Cemetery
Agnew CemeteryElm CemeteryLove CemeteryResurrection Memorial Cemetery
Akins CemeteryElm Flat CemeteryLoveland CemeteryRetrop Cemetery
Albert CemeteryElm Grove CemeteryLoving CemeteryReunion Cemetery
Albert Joseph Powell Memorial CemeteryElm Grove CemeteryLower Ray CemeteryReynolds Cemetery
Alberty CemeteryElm Grove CemeteryLowrey CemeteryRhea Cemetery
Alberty CemeteryElm Grove CemeteryLowrey CemeteryRhome Cemetery
Albion CemeteryElm Park CemeteryLudlow CemeteryRice Cemetery
Alden CemeteryElmer CemeteryLukfata CemeteryRichard Cemetery
Alex CemeteryElmhurst CemeteryLula CemeteryRichland Cemetery
Alfalfa Cemetery Elmore City CemeteryLuteran CemeteryRichland Cemetery
All Saints Anglican Church CemeteryElmwood CemeteryLuther CemeteryRider Cemetery
Allen CemeteryElmwood CemeteryLutheran CemeteryRidgelawn Cemetery
Allendale CemeteryElmwood CemeteryLutheran CemeteryRidley Cemetery
Allison CemeteryElmwood CemeteryLutheran CemeteryRidley Cemetery
Allison CemeteryEmet CemeteryLutheran CemeteryRiley Cemetery
Allmon CemeteryEmmanuel CemeteryLutie CemeteryRiley Cemetery
Alma CemeteryEmmanuel CemeteryLyon Valley CemeteryRingold Cemetery
Altona CemeteryEmmons CemeteryMacedonia CemeteryRipley Oak Park Cemetery
Altus CemeteryEndicott CemeteryMacedonia CemeteryRising Sun Cemetery
Altus City CemeteryEnid CemeteryMacedonia CemeteryRiver Hill Cemetery
Alva Municipal CemeteryEnterprise CemeteryMadden CemeteryRiverside Cemetery
Amber CemeteryEnterprise CemeteryMadill CemeteryRiverside Cemetery
Ames CemeteryErick CemeteryMadison CemeteryRiverside Cemetery
Anderson CemeteryEtna CemeteryMagnolia CemeteryRiverside Cemetery
Anderson CemeteryEucha CemeteryMagnolia Memorial GardensRiverside Gardens Cemetery
Anderson CemeteryEuchee Valley Memorial ParkMalville CemeteryRiverview Cemetery
Anderson CemeteryEureka CemeteryMangum Cemetery DepartmentRiverview Cemetery
Andersons CemeteryEvans and Burns CemeteryManila CemeteryRoach Cemetery
Anquoe Memorial CemeteryEvans CemeteryManitou CemeteryRobberson Cemetery
Antioch CemeteryEvansville Cemetery- Aka Fore, Tohee, & Bobby FordManning CemeteryRock Cemetery
Antioch CemeteryEvergreen CemeteryMannsville CemeteryRock Cemetery
Antioch CemeteryEvergreen CemeteryManus CemeteryRock Church Cemetery
Antioch CemeteryEvergreen CemeteryManwarring CemeteryRock Creek Cemetery
Antioch CemeteryEvergreen CemeteryMaple CemeteryRock Creek Cemetery
Antioch CemeteryEvergreen CemeteryMaple Grove CemeteryRock Creek Cemetery
Antlers Odd Fellows - IOOF CemeteryEvergreen CemeteryMaple Grove CemeteryRock Creek Cemetery
Apostolic CemeteryEvergreen CemeteryMaple Grove Cemetery OfficeRock Creek Road Cemetery
Arapaho CemeteryEveridge CemeteryMaramec IOOF CemeteryRock Grove Cemetery
Arbor Grove CemeteryEwing Cemeterymarble city cemetery Rock Island Cemetery
Arcadia IOOF CemeteryEwing CemeteryMarble City CemeteryRock Spring Cemetery
Arlington CemeteryEwing Chapel CemeteryMarella CemeteryRock Springs Cemetery
Arlington Memorial Park CemeteryEwy CemeteryMarena CemeteryRogers Cemetery
Armstrong Academy CemeteryFair Lawn CemeteryMarian AcademyRogers Cemetery
Armstrong CemeteryFair View CemeteryMarie CemeteryRogers Chapel Cemetery
Armstrong CemeteryFair View CemeteryMarlow CemeteryRoland Cemetery
Arpelar CemeteryFairfax CemeteryMars Hill CemeteryRollins Cemetery
Asbury CemeteryFairland CemeteryMarshall CemeteryRolston Cemetery
ashlandFairlawn CemeteriesMarshall CemeteryRomulus Cemetery
Athens CemeteryFairlawn CemeteryMarshall CemeteryRoosevelt Cemetery
Atkins CemeteryFairlawn CemeteryMarshall North IOOF CemeteryRoscoe Cemetery
Atkins CemeteryFairlawn CemeteryMartha CemeteryRose Cemetery
Atlee CemeteryFairlawn CemeteryMartin CemeteryRose Cemetery
Atwood CemeteryFairlawn CemeteryMartin Hill CemeteryRose Hill Burial Park
Auburn CemeteryFairlawn CemeteryMasham CemeteryRose Hill Burial Park
Avant CemeteryFairlawn CemeteryMasonic CemeteryRose Hill Cemetery
Avery CemeteryFairlawn CemeteryMasonic CemeteryRose Hill Cemetery
Avoca CemeteryFairlawn CemeteryMassey CemeteryRose Hill Cemetery
Bailey CemeteryFairmount CemeteryMathewsonRose Hill Cemetery
Bailey CemeteryFairvalley CemeteryMathewson CemeteryRose Hill Cemetery
Bailtso Apache South CemeteryFairview cemetary Mathewson CemeteryRose Hill Cemetery
Baker CemeteryFairview CemeteryMatoaka CemeteryRose Hill Cemetery (duplicate) merge
Baker CemeteryFairview CemeteryMatoy CemeteryRose Hill Cemetery and Memorial Park
Baker CemeteryFairview CemeteryMaxey CemeteryRosedale Cemetery
Bald Hill CemeteryFairview CemeteryMaxwell CemeteryRosedale Cemetery
Bald Hill CemeteryFairview CemeteryMay CemeteryRosedale Cemetery Chapel
Bald Knob CemeteryFairview CemeteryMayfield CemeteryRosehill Cemetery
Baldridge CemeteryFairview CemeteryMaysville CemeteryRoselawn Cemetery
Baldwin CemeteryFairview CemeteryMaytubby CemeteryRoselawn Cemetery
Ball CemeteryFairview CemeteryMcAlester CemeteryRoselawn Cemetery
Ballard CemeteryFairview CemeteryMcCarty CemeteryRoselawn Cemetery
Banner CemeteryFairview CemeteryMcCaybe CemeteryRosemound Cemetery
Banner CemeteryFairview CemeteryMcClure CemeteryRosencutter Cemetery
Banner CemeteryFairview CemeteryMcClure CemeteryRosenwald Community Cemetery
Banner CemeteryFairview CemeteryMcCorkle CemeteryRosewood Cemetery
Baptist Indian CemeteryFairview CemeteryMcCosar CemeteryRoss Cemetery
Baptist Mission CemeteryFairview CemeteryMcCoy CemeteryRoss Cemetery
Barber CemeteryFairview CemeteryMcCurtain CemeteryRoss Mayes Cemetery
Barden Memorial CemeteryFairview CemeteryMcDougal CemeteryRossville Cemetery
Barker CemeteryFairview CemeteryMcGee CemeteryRound Grove Cemetery
Barler CemeteryFairview CemeteryMcGee Springs CemeteryRound Lake Cemetery
Barnet-Fisher CemeteryFairview CemeteryMcGuire CemeteryRow Cemetery
Barnett CemeteryFairview CemeteryMcIntosh CemeteryRoyal Oak Cemetery
Barnisky CemeteryFairview CemeteryMcIntosh CemeteryRufe Cemetery
Barnsdall City CemeteryFairview CemeteryMcKee Cemetery Ruggles Cemetery
Battiest CemeteryFalls CemeteryMcKee Family CemeteryRupert Cemetery
Bayard CemeteryFalls CemeteryMcKinley CemeteryRush Springs Cemetery
Bear Creek CemeteryFame CemeteryMcKinney CemeteryRusk Cemetery
Bearden CemeteryFanshawe CemeteryMcKnight CemeteryRusk Cemetery
Beaver CemeteryFargo CemeteryMcKosato CemeteryRussell Cemetery
Beaver CemeteryFaulkner CemeteryMcKosta CemeteryRussell Cemetery
Beaver CemeteryFaulkner CemeteryMcLain CemeteryRussell Cemetery
Beck CemeteryFaulkner CemeteryMcLain CemeteryRussell Creek Cemetery
Beck CemeteryFaulkner CemeteryMcLaughlin CemeteryRussett Cemetery
Beck CemeteryFavor CemeteryMcLoud CemeteryRyan Cemetery
Beck CemeteryFaxon CemeteryMcMahan CemeterySac
Beck CemeteryFeatherston CemeteryMcMains CemeterySacred Heart Cemetery
Bee CemeteryFelix CemeteryMcMillan CemeterySacred Heart Cemetery
Beecham CemeteryFern CemeteryMcNaulty CemeterySacred Heart Cemetery
Beechtree CemeteryFern Cliff CemeteryMcNik CemeterySacred Heart Cemetery
Beef Creek Apache CemeteryFerrell CemeteryMead CemeterySacred Heart Cemetery
Beggs CemeteryFesser CemeteryMeadowbrook CemeterySacred Heart Cemetery
Bell CemeteryFewell CemeteryMeers CemeterySaddle Mountain Cemetery
Belleview CemeteryField CemeteryMelton CemeterySaint Andrew Episcopal Church Columbarium
Bellview CemeteryFields CemeteryMemorial CemeterySaint Ann Cemetery
Belzoni CemeteryFields CemeteryMemorial Hill CemeterySaint Ann Cemetery
Bend CemeteryFields CemeteryMemorial Park CemeterySaint Anthony Cemetery
Benge CemeteryFillmore CemeteryMemorial Park CemeterySaint Augustine Cemetery
Benge CemeteryFind CemeteryMemorial Park CemeterySaint Benedict Cemetery
Bennett CemeteryFinley CemeteryMemorial Park CemeterySaint Francis Cemetery
Bera CemeteryFirst Presbyterian Church ColumbariumMemorial Park CemeterySaint John Cemetery
Berlin CemeteryFisher CemeteryMemorial Park CemeterySaint John Cemetery
Bertrand CemeteryFishertown CemeteryMemorial Park CemeterySaint John Cemetery
Bessie C Tabor CemeteryFivemile CemeteryMemorial Park CemeterySaint John Cemetery
Bethany CemeteryFivemile Creek CemeteryMemory GardensSaint John Cemetery
Bethany CemeteryFixico CemeteryMemory Gardens Memorial ParkSaint John Cemetery
Bethany CemeteryFleetwood CemeteryMemory Lane CemeterySaint John Cemetery
Bethany CemeteryFleetwood CemeteryMemory Lane CemeterySaint John Cemetery
Bethany CemeteryFletcher CemeteryMennonite CemeterySaint Joseph Cemetery
Bethany CemeteryFletcher CemeteryMennonite CemeterySaint Joseph Cemetery
Bethany CemeteryFloral Haven Memorial GardensMennonville Mennonite CemeterySaint Joseph Cemetery
Bethany CemeteryFloral RidgeMerck CemeterySaint Joseph Cemetery
Bethel CemeteryFlorence CemeteryMeridian CemeterySaint Josephs Catholic Cemetery
Bethel CemeteryFlute Springs CemeteryMerritt CemeterySaint Luke Cemetery
Bethel CemeteryFlynn CemeteryMesser CemeterySaint Mary Catholic Cemetery
Bethel CemeteryForaker CemeteryMetcalf CemeterySaint Mary Cemetery
Bethel CemeteryForehand CemeteryMexhoma CemeterySaint Mary Cemetery
Bethel CemeteryForeman CemeteryMicawber CemeterySaint Mary Cemetery
Bethel CemeteryForeman CemeteryMiddle Creek CemeterySaint Michael Cemetery
Bethel CemeteryForeman CemeteryMiddleton CemeterySaint Paul Cemetery
Bethel CemeteryForest CemeteryMidland CemeterySaint Teresas Catholic Cemetery
Bethel CemeteryForest CemeteryMidlin CemeterySaint Wenceslaus Cemetery
Bethel CemeteryForest Hill CemeteryMidlin CemeterySaints Peter and Paul Cemetery
Bethel CemeteryForest Home CemeteryMidway CemeterySaktehke Cemetery
Bethel CemeteryForgan CemeteryMilan Valley CemeterySalem Cemetery
Bethel CemeteryForney CemeteryMilitary CemeterySalem Cemetery
Bethel Grove CemeteryForrest CemeteryMill Creek CemeterySalem Cemetery
Bethlehem CemeteryFort Cobb CemeteryMiller CemeterySalem Lutheran Church Cemetery
Bethlehem CemeteryFort Family CemeteryMiller CemeterySallisaw Cemetery
Bethlehem Lutheran Church CemeteryFort Gibson National CemeteryMiller CemeterySalt Creek Cemetery
Beulah Land CemeteryFort Reno Cemetery Miller CemeterySam Cemetery
Bezoin CemeteryFort Reno Post CemeteryMiller CemeterySamone Cemetery
Bickford CemeteryFort Sill National CemeteryMiller CemeterySample Cemetery
Bickford CemeteryFort Sill Post CemeteryMills CemeterySand Creek Cemetery
Bierig CemeteryFort Towson CemeteryMilly CemeterySand Creek Cemetery
Big Arbor CemeteryFortyfour CemeteryMilo CemeterySand Hill Cemetery
Big Branch CemeteryFoster CemeteryMilton CemeterySand Ridge Cemetery
Big Cabin CemeteryFountain CemeteryMinegan CemeterySand Spring Cemetery
Big Canyon CemeteryFourkiller CemeteryMinneha CemeterySandstone Cemetery
Big Cedar CemeteryFox CemeteryMishak CemeterySandtown Cemetery
Big Creek CemeteryFrancis CemeteryMission CemeterySandy Bear Cemetery
Big Creek Church of the Brethren CemeteryFranklin CemeteryMissionary CemeterySankey Cemetery
Big Cussetah CemeteryFranks CemeteryMissouri CemeterySans Bois Cemetery
Big Pond CemeteryFrazier CemeteryMitchell CemeterySans Bois Cemetery
Billings Union CemeteryFrederick CemeteryMoncrief CemeterySappington Chapel Cemetery
Billy CemeteryFree Home CemeteryMonroe CemeterySardis Church Grave
Binger CemeteryFreedom CemeteryMontezuma CemeterySare Cemetery
Bird CemeteryFrench CemeteryMoore CemeterySaron Cemetery
Bird Creek CemeteryFriday Moore CemeterySayre Cemetery
Bison CemeteryFriday CemeteryMoore CemeterySayre-Doxey Cemetery
Bitter Creek CemeteryFriends CemeteryMooreland CemeterySayre-Doxey Cemetery
Bixby CemeteryFriendship CemeteryMoppin CemeterySchofield Cemetery
Bixby CemeteryFriendship CemeteryMoran CemeterySchoolton Cemetery
Black Bear CemeteryFriendship CemeteryMorgan CemeterySchrimpsher Cemetery
Black CemeteryFrisco CemeteryMorgan CemeterySchwartz Cemetery
Black CemeteryFrisco CemeteryMorning Star CemeteryScipio Cemetery
Black Fork CemeteryFrogville CemeteryMorrel CemeteryScott Cemetery
Black Fox CemeteryFrozen Rock CemeteryMorris CemeteryScott Cemetery
Black Jack CemeteryFulsom CemeteryMorris CemeteryScott Cemetery
Black Rock CemeteryFurrow Flowers and GiftsMorris Heights CemeteryScraper Cemetery
Blackburn CemeteryGable CemeteryMorrison CemeteryScraper Cemetery
Blackburn CemeteryGage CemeteryMorrison Cemeteryseabolt cementary nicut ok
Blackburn Chapel CemeteryGalena CemeteryMorrison CemeterySeabolt Cemetery
Blackjack CemeteryGans CemeteryMorse CemeterySeabolt Cemetery
Blackwell CemeteryGar Creek CemeteryMorse CemeterySealy Cemetery
Blackwell CemeteryGarber Lutheran CemeteryMorton CemeterySecondine Cemetery
Blackwood CemeteryGarden Grove CemeteryMoscow CemeterySeeley Cemetery
Blair CemeteryGarden of Memories CemeteryMose Ridge CemeterySellers Cemetery
Blanchard CemeteryGarden of Memories CemeteryMosewiley CemeterySenora Cemetery
Blanchard CemeteryGarden of Memory CemeteryMound Olive CemeterySentinel Cemetery
Bland CemeteryGardner CemeteryMound Valley CemeterySequoyah Cemetery
Bloomfield CemeteryGarland CemeteryMound Valley CemeterySeventh-Day Adventist Cemetery
Blue Branch CemeteryGarlington CemeteryMount Carmel Catholic CemeterySeward Cemetery
Blue Branch CemeteryGarrett CemeteryMount Carmel CemeteryShady Grove Cemetery
Blue CemeteryGarrison CemeteryMount Carmel CemeteryShady Grove Cemetery
Blue Mound CemeteryGarvin CemeteryMount Harman CemeteryShady Grove Cemetery
Blue Ridge CemeteryGate CemeteryMount Hermon CemeteryShady Grove Cemetery
Blue Springs CemeteryGeary CemeteryMount Hope CemeteryShady Grove Cemetery
Bluejacket CemeteryGerman CemeteryMount Hope CemeteryShady Grove Cemetery
Bluejacket CemeteryGerman CemeteryMount Hope CemeteryShady Point Cemetery
Bluff CemeteryGerty CemeteryMount Hope CemeteryShakelford Cemetery
Bocox CemeteryGhormley CemeteryMount Hope CemeteryShamrock Cemetery
Boggy CemeteryGibbon CemeteryMount Hope CemeterySharon Cemetery
Boggy CemeteryGibson CemeteryMount Hope CemeterySharp Cemetery
Boggy Depot CemeteryGilcrease Family Mausoleum and Museum GroundsMount Moriah CemeteryShattuck Cemetery
Bohannon CemeteryGiles CemeteryMount Moriah CemeteryShawnee Cemetery
Bohemian CemeteryGipson CemeteryMount Nebo CemeteryShay Cemetery
Boise City CemeteryGirty CemeteryMount Olive CemeteryShelley Cemetery
Bokchito CemeteryGirty CemeteryMount Olive CemeteryShelton-Bethel Cemetery
Bokhoma CemeteryGlen Abbey Memorial GardensMount Olive CemeterySheridan Cemetery
Bokoshe CemeteryGlencoe CemeteryMount Olive CemeteryShiloh Cemetery
Bold Springs CemeteryGlenwood CemeteryMount Olive CemeteryShiloh Cemetery
Boley CemeteryGlenwood CemeteryMount Olive CemeteryShiloh Cemetery
Bomar Point CemeteryGlobe CemeteryMount Olivet CemeteryShiloh Cemetery Association
Bond CemeteryGlory CemeteryMount Olivet CemeteryShirley Cemetery
Booker CemeteryGnadenfield CemeteryMount Olivet CemeteryShoat Springs Cemetery
Booker T Washington CemeteryGodwin CemeteryMount Pisgah CemeteryShort Cemetery
Booker T. Washington CemeteryGolden Lodge CemeteryMount Pleasant CemeteryShort Mountain Cemetery
Borden CemeteryGolden Valley CemeteryMount Pleasant CemeteryShort Springs Cemetery
Boston Avenue United Methodist Church ColumbariumGoldsmith CemeteryMount Pleasant CemeterySichar Cemetery
Boston Pool CemeteryGood Hope CemeteryMount Pleasant CemeterySickles Cemetery
Botone CemeteryGood Hope CemeteryMount Pleasant CemeterySilent Home Cemetery
Boulanger CemeteryGooden Indian CemeteryMount Pleasant CemeterySilver City Cemetery
Bourland CemeteryGoodland CemeteryMount Scott CemeterySilver Lake Cemetery
Bower CemeteryGoodtraveler CemeteryMount Scott Tribal CemeterySilver Star Cemetery
Box CemeteryGoodwell CemeteryMount Vernon CemeterySimmons Cemetery
Box CemeteryGoose Neck CemeteryMount Vernon CemeterySimon Cemetery
Box CemeteryGore CemeteryMount Washington CemeterySimon Isaac Cemetery
Box X CemeteryGotebo CemeteryMount Zion CemeterySimpson Cemetery
Boynton CemeteryGould CemeteryMount Zion CemeterySinnett Cemetery
Bradley CemeteryGowen CemeteryMount Zion CemeterySixkiller Cemetery
Braman CemeteryGower CemeteryMount Zion CemeterySixkiller Cemetery
Brandon CemeteryGrace Hill CemeteryMount Zion CemeterySixkiller Cemetery
Braunch Memorial ParkGrace Lawn CemeteryMount Zion CemeterySixkiller Cemetery
Brazil CemeteryGraceland CemeteryMount Zion CemeterySkedee Cemetery
Brent CemeteryGraceland Memorial Park CemeteryMount Zion CemeterySkiatook Cemetery
Bressie CemeteryGracemont CemeteryMount Zion CemeterySkullyville Cemetery
Brethren CemeteryGrady CemeteryMount Zion CemeterySkybuck Cemetery
Brethren CemeteryGraham CemeteryMountain Grove CemeterySloan Cemetery
Brethren CemeteryGraham Memorial CemeteryMountain Home CemeterySmith
Brethren CemeteryGrand Army of the Republic CemeteryMountain Home CemeterySmith and Turner Mortuary
Briartown CemeteryGrand CemeteryMountain Home CemeterySmith Cemetery
Brickman CemeteryGrand View CemeteryMountain Park CemeterySmith Cemetery
Bridgeford CemeteryGrandfield CemeteryMountain Scott Tribal CemeterySmith Cemetery
Brinkman CemeteryGrandview CemeteryMountain Station CemeterySmithville Cemetery
Bristow City CemeteryGrandview CemeteryMountain View CemeterySnake Bend Cemetery
Britton CemeteryGranite CemeteryMoyers CemeterySnake Creek Indian Baptist #1
Broken Bow CemeteryGrant CemeteryMulberry CemeterySnell Cemetery
Bronaugh CemeteryGray CemeteryMuldrow CemeterySnider Cemetery
Brooken CemeteryGray CemeteryMunice CemeterySobol Cemetery
Brooks CemeteryGray Horse CemeteryMustang CemeterySod Cemetery
Brooks CemeteryGrayson CemeteryMutteloke CemeterySolf Cemetery
Brookside CemeteryGrayson CemeteryMyers CemeterySoper Cemetery
Brooksville CemeteryGrayson CemeteryMyers CemeterySophia Cemetery
Brown CemeteryGreat Hope CemeteryNabisco CemeterySorge Cemetery
Brown CemeteryGreen Acres Memorial GardensNace CemeterySouth Bethel Cemetery
Brown CemeteryGreen Haven CemeteryNail CemeterySouth Burns Cemetery
Brown CemeteryGreen Hill CemeteryNaples CemeterySouth Cedar Cemetery
Brown CemeteryGreen Hill CemeteryNardin CemeterySouth Heights Cemetery
Brown CemeteryGreen Hill CemeteryNash-Wood CemeterySouth Indian Cemetery
Brown CemeteryGreen Hills Memorial GardensNavajo CemeterySouth Side Cemetery
Brumfield CemeteryGreen Lawn CemeteryNaylor CemeterySouthwest Cemetery
Bruner CemeteryGreen Meadows CemeteryNeal CemeterySpade Mountain Cemetery
Bruner CemeteryGreen Valley CemeteryNeal CemeterySpavinaw Cemetery
Bruner CemeteryGreenfield CemeteryNelda CemeterySpeermoore Cemetery
Bruner CemeteryGreenhill CemeteryNester Family NE NE 26-9-14 McIntosh Co Oklahoma Spencerville Cemetery
Brush Hill CemeteryGreenleaf CemeteryNew Bethel CemeterySpigner Cemetery
Brushy CemeteryGreenleaf CemeteryNew Bethel CemeterySpring Creek Cemetery
Brushy Creek CemeteryGreenville CemeteryNew Friendship CemeterySpring Creek Cemetery
Brushy Indian Baptist CemeteryGreenwood CemeteryNew Herman CemeterySpring Creek Cemetery
Brushy Mountain CemeteryGreenwood CemeteryNew Hermon CemeterySpring Creek Cemetery
Bryan CemeteryGreenwood CemeteryNew Home CemeterySpring Creek Memorial Cemetery
Buchner Memorial CemeteryGreenwood CemeteryNew Home CemeterySpring Hill Cemetery
Buck Creek CemeteryGreenwood CemeteryNew Hope CemeterySpring Hill Cemetery
Buckeye CemeteryGreenwood CemeteryNew Hope CemeterySpring Valley Cemetery
Buckhorn CemeteryGreenwood CemeteryNew Hope CemeterySpringdale Cemetery
Buckner CemeteryGrimes CemeteryNew Hope CemeterySpringer Cemetery
Bucktrot CemeteryGrissom CemeteryNew Hope CemeterySpringhill Cemetery
Buena Vista CemeteryGritts CemeteryNew Hope CemeterySpringhill Cemetery
Buffalo CemeteryGum Spring CemeteryNew Hope CemeterySprings Cemetery
Buffalo CemeteryGyp CemeteryNew Hope CemeterySprings Chapel Cemetery
Buffalo Creek CemeteryGyp Valley EvergreenNew Johnsonville CemeterySpringtown Cemetery
Buffington CemeteryHackberry CemeteryNew Mellette CemeterySquare Cedar Cemetery
Bullet Prairie CemeteryHackberry CemeteryNew Post Oak CemeterySt. Martins Cemetary
Bunch CemeteryHackberry CemeteryNew Salem CemeteryStake Cemetery
Burbank CemeteryHaile CemeteryNew Salem CemeteryStanding Rock Cemetery
Burgess CemeteryHainline CemeteryNew Salem CemeteryStanley Cemetery
Burgess CemeteryHalcomb CemeteryNew Zion CemeteryStar Cemetery
Burney CemeteryHale CemeteryNew Zion CemeteryStar Cemetery
Burneyville CemeteryHall CemeteryNewby CemeteryStar Valley Cemetery
Burns CemeteryHalsmith CemeteryNewkirk CemeteryStarnes Cemetery
Burris CemeteryHammer CemeteryNewman CemeteryStarr Cemetery
Burris CemeteryHaner CemeteryNewport CemeteryStarr Cemetery
Busch Chapel CemeteryHanks CemeteryNiles CemeteryStarr Cemetery
Bushyhead CemeteryHappy CemeteryNinnekah CemeteryState School Cemetery
Butler CemeteryHardesty CemeteryNix CemeteryStella Cemetery
Butler CemeteryHarding Memorial CemeteryNixon CemeteryStella Friends Academy Cemetery
Butler CemeteryHare CemeteryNoah CemeterySterling Cemetery
Butler-Stumpff Funeral Home and CrematoryHarjo CemeteryNoble IOOF CemeteryStevenson Cemetery
Butner CemeteryHarjo CemeteryNolia CemeterySteward Cemetery
Butterly CemeteryHarjo CemeteryNon CemeteryStigler Cemetery
Buzzard CemeteryHarjo CemeteryNorman IOOFStill Cemetery
Byars CemeteryHarjo CemeteryNorris CemeteryStone Canyon Cemetery
Byrds Prairie CemeteryHarjo CemeteryNorth Burns CemeteryStoner Cemetery
Byrms CemeteryHarjo CemeteryNorth Chapel CemeteryStony Point Cemetery
Byron-Amorita CemeteryHarlinsville CemeteryNorth Deep Red CemeteryStrickland Cemetery
Cabaniss CemeteryHarlow CemeteryNorth Fork CemeteryStringtown Cemetery
Cache CemeteryHarmon CemeteryNorth Henney RoadStrong Cemetery
Cache CemeteryHarmony CemeteryNorth Highland CemeteryStroud Cemetery
Cache Creek CemeteryHarmony CemeteryNorth Indian CemeteryStubblefield Cemetery
Cache Indian CemeteryHarnage CemeteryNorth McAlester CemeterySub Station Cemetery
Caddo CemeteryHarrell Cemetery AKA Saint Leo Catholic CemeteryNorth Persimmon CemeterySugar Creek Cemetery
Cairo CemeteryHarris CemeteryNorth Ray CemeterySugarloaf Cemetery
Calumet CemeteryHarris CemeteryNorthside CemeterySugden Cemetery
Calvalier CemeteryHarris CemeteryNorthwest CemeterySulphur Bend Cemetery
Calvary CemeteryHarris CemeteryNorton CemeterySulphur Cemetery
Calvary CemeteryHarrison CemeteryNovis CemeterySummerfield Cemetery
Calvary CemeteryHarrison CemeteryNubbin Ridge CemeterySummit Cemetery
Calvary CemeteryHart CemeteryNumber 2 CemeterySummit View Cemetery
Calvary CemeteryHartsville CemeteryNumber 2 CemeterySunny Hill Cemetery
Calvary CemeteryHaskell CemeteryNuyaka CemeterySunny Side Cemetery
Calvary CemeteryHaskell CemeteryO M CemeterySunnylane Cemetery
Calvary CemeteryHaskew CemeteryOak Grove CemeterySunnylane Cemetery
Calvary cemeteryHastings CemeteryOak Grove CemeterySunnyside Cemetery
Calvary CemeteryHastings CemeteryOak Grove CemeterySunnyside Cemetery
Calvary Cemetery (Sacred Heart Catholic Church)Hawkins CemeteryOak Grove CemeterySunrise Cemetery
Calvin CemeteryHawkins FamilyOak Grove CemeterySunrise Cemetery
Camargo CemeteryHawley CemeteryOak Grove CemeterySunset Cemetery
Camp CemeteryHaworth CemeteryOak Grove CemeterySunset Gardens Cemetery
Camp Russell CemeteryHayward CemeteryOak Grove CemeterySunset Memorial Garden Cemetery
Canadian Valley CemeteryHazel Dell CemeteryOak Grove CemeterySunset Memorial Gardens
Cane Creek CemeteryHeadrick CemeteryOak Hill CemeterySunset Memorial Gardens and Mausoleum
Caney CemeteryHeath CemeteryOak Hill CemeterySunset Memorial Park Cemetery
Canfield CemeteryHeavener Memorial ParkOak Hill CemeterySwan Hill Cemetery
Canton CemeteryHebron CemeteryOak Hill CemeterySweat Cemetery
Cantonment Reinterment CemeteryHediger CemeteryOak Hill ChurchSweet Hill Cemetery
Canyon CemeteryHefley CemeteryOak Park CemeterySweet Home Cemetery
Capitol View CemeteryHeitholt CemeteryOak Ridge CemeterySweet Home Cemetery
Capron CemeteryHellard CemeteryOak Ridge CemeterySweeten Cemetery
Captain CemeteryHenderson CemeteryOak Ridge CemeterySweutka Cemetery
Carbon CemeteryHenderson-HarrisOak Vale CemeterySwink Cemetery
Cardwell CemeteryHendricks CemeteryOak View CemeteryTahlequah Cemetery
Carlile CemeteryHennepin CemeteryOakdale CemeteryTalber Cemetery
Carmel CemeteryHennessey CemeteryOakdale CemeteryTalihina Cemetery
Carmen CemeteryHennessey CemeteryOakdale CemeteryTamaha Cemetery
Carnegie CemeteryHenry CemeteryOakdale CemeteryTannehill Cemetery
Carney CemeteryHenry Hunter CemeteryOakdale CemeteryTate Mountain Cemetery
Carpenter CemeteryHeritage Burial ParkOakdale CemeteryTatus Cemetery
Carr Creek CemeteryHerold Mennonite CemeteryOakhaven Memorial GardensTauuneacie Cemetery
Carselowey CemeteryHess CemeteryOakhill CemeteryTaylor Cemetery
Carson CemeteryHester CemeteryOakland CemeteryTaylor family cemetery
Carter CemeteryHewitt CemeteryOakland CemeteryTea Cemetery
Carter CemeteryHewitt CemeteryOakland CemeteryTea Cross Cemetery
Cashion CemeteryHi Early CemeteryOakland-Madill CemeteryTecumseh Cemetery
Castle CemeteryHickory CemeteryOaklawn CemeteryTee Hee Cemetery
Cave Creek CemeteryHickory CemeteryOaklawn CemeteryTeller Cemetery
Cayuga CemeteryHickory Creek CemeteryOaklawn CemeteryTemple Bnai Israel Cemetery
Cedar CemeteryHickory Grove CemeteryOakman CemeteryTemple Cemetery
Cedar CemeteryHickory Grove CemeteryOaks CemeteryTeresita Cemetery
Cedar Creek CemeteryHicks Chapel CemeteryOaks CemeteryTerlton Cemetery
Cedar Grove CemeteryHiderbrand CemeteryOakview CemeteryTerral Cemetery
Cedar Grove CemeteryHigh Hill CemeteryOakwood CemeteryTexola Cemetery
Cedar Hill CemeteryHigh Hill CemeteryOakwood CemeteryThe Old Cemetery
Cedar Valley CemeteryHigh Hill CemeteryOakwood CemeteryThlopthlocco Cemetery
Cedardale CemeteryHigh Point CemeteryOakwood CemeteryThomas Cemetery
Celestial Gardens CemeteryHigh Point CemeteryOchelata CemeteryThomas Chapel Cemetery
Cement CemeteryHigh Spring CemeteryOctavia CemeteryThomas Town Cemetery
CemeteryHighland Odema CemeteryThompson Cemetery
Center CemeteryHighland CemeteryOdessa CemeteryThompson Cemetery
Center Chapel CemeteryHighland CemeteryOfield CemeteryThompson Cemetery
Center Hill CemeteryHighland CemeteryOglesby CemeteryThompson Pixlee Cemetery
Center Point CemeteryHighland CemeteryOil Spring CemeteryThrace Cemetery
Center Point CemeteryHighland CemeteryOil Springs CemeteryThrawl Cemetery
Center View CemeteryHighland CemeteryOkarche CemeteryThree Rivers Cemetery
Center View CemeteryHighland CemeteryOkfuskee CemeteryTidwell Cemetery
Centerville CemeteryHighland CemeteryOklahoma Veterans CemeteryTiger Cemetery
Centralia CemeteryHighland CemeteryOkley CemeteryTiger Cemetery
Ceres CemeteryHill CemeteryOkmulgee CemeteryTiger Cemetery
Chalk Bluff CemeteryHill Top CemeteryOkmulgee Cemetery AssociationTillman Cemetery
Chambers CemeteryHillabee CemeteryOkmulgee Cemetery AssociationTimber Ridge Cemetery
Chambers CemeteryHillcrest CemeteryOktaha CemeteryTimpson Chapel Cemetery
Chambers CemeteryHillcrest Floral GardensOld Ada CemeteryTipton Cemetery
Chandler CemeteryHillside CemeteryOld Bennington Presbyterian CemeteryTishomingo Cemetery
Chapel Hill Cemetery Hillside Mission Cemetery Old Boggy CemeteryTodd Cemetery
Chapel Hill Memorial Gardens CemeteryHinson CemeteryOld Duncan CemeteryToney Cemetery
Charles CemeteryHinton CemeteryOld Dustin CemeteryToney Cemetery
Charles CemeteryHinton Cemetery CoOld Eucha CemeteryTonka Cemetery
Charley CemeteryHitchita-Lackey CemeteryOld Fort Towson CemeteryTonkawa Cemetery
Chattanooga CemeteryHochatown CemeteryOld Foss CemeteryTonkawa IOOF Cemetery (GPS 36.695451, -97.324924)
Cheadle CemeteryHodgen CemeteryOld Indian CemeteryTrail Cemetery
Checotah IOOF CemeteryHoffman CemeteryOld Johnsonville CemeteryTribbey Cemetery
Cheek CemeteryHogan CemeteryOld Ketchum CemeteryTrice Hill Cemetery
Cheek Love CemeteryHokit CemeteryOld Lehigh CemeteryTrinity Lutheran Cemetery
Chelsea CemeteryHolcomb-Cook CemeteryOld Mellette CemeteryTriplett Cemetery
Cherokee CemeteryHoldenville CemeteryOld Mission CemeteryTriumph Cemetery
Cherokee CemeteryHolder CemeteryOld Monk CemeteryTrowbridge Cemetery
Cherokee-McCoy CemeteryHolland CemeteryOld Moral CemeteryTroy Cemetery
Cherryvale CemeteryHollister CemeteryOld Nuyaka CemeteryTryon Cemetery
Chester CemeteryHolly CreekOld Panther CemeteryTucker Cemetery
Chewey CemeteryHoly Family CemeteryOld Paul Moore CemeteryTullahassee Creek Indian Cemetery
Cheyenne CemeteryHoly Family CemeteryOld Philadelphia CemeteryTulles Cemetery
Cheyenne Valley CemeteryHoly Rosary CemeteryOld Post Oak CemeteryTureck Cemetery
Chief Chihuahua Apache CemeteryHoly Trinity Catholic CemeteryOld Sapulpa City CemeteryTurnbull Cemetery
Childers CemeteryHoly Trinity CemeteryOld Smithville CemeteryTurpin Cemetery
Childers CemeteryHomestead CemeteryOld Station Monuments and StatuaryTushka Cemetery
Chilesville CemeteryHominy CemeteryOld Town-Tuskahoma CemeteryTuskegee Cemetery
Chisholm CemeteryHoney Hill Cemetery (Allison Cemetery)Old Woodville CemeteryTuskegee Cemetery
Chitwood CemeteryHoney Springs CemeteryOlive Hill CemeteryTussy Cemetery
Choate Prairie CemeteryHooker CemetaryOlive Hill Memorial ParkTwin Grove Cemetery
Choctaw CemeteryHooker CemeteryOliver CemeteryTwin Mounds Cemetery
Choska CemeteryHope CemeteryOlivet CemeteryTyler Spring Cemetery
Chouteau CemeteryHope CemeteryOlustee CemeteryTyner Cemetery
Chouteau West CemeteryHopewell CemeteryOlympus CemeteryTyrone Cemetery
Christ Lutheran CemeteryHopewell CemeteryOlympus north cemetery Udora Cemetery
Christ Lutheran Church Richburg CemeteryHopewell CemeteryOmega CemeteryUlan Cemetery
Christian Hill CemeteryHopp-Hart CemeteryOmega Seventh Day Adventist CemeteryUnderwood Cemetery
Christner CemeteryHopping CemeteryOne Creek CemeteryUnion Cemeteries
Chuculate CemeteryHosey CemeteryOng CemeteryUnion Cemetery
Chuliawe CemeteryHoteyaby CemeteryOologah CemeteryUnion Cemetery
Cimarron Valley CemeteryHouston CemeteryOowala CemeteryUnion Cemetery
Citizens Cemetery (aka Cherokee National Cemetery)Houston CemeteryOrion CemeteryUnion Cemetery
Citra CemeteryHoward CemeteryOrr CemeteryUnion Cemetery
City of AltusHowe CemeteryOsage CemeteryUnion Cemetery
Civit CemeteryHowland CemeteryOsage CemeteryUnion Cemetery
Clabber Flats CemeteryHoyt CemeteryOsage Gardens CemeteryUnion Center Cemetery
Clark CemeteryHuckaby CemeteryOscar CemeteryUnion Chapel Cemetery
Clark CemeteryHuckleby CemeteryOsceola CemeteryUnion City Cemetery
Clarkson CemeteryHughlow CemeteryOswalt CemeteryUnion Dale Cemetery
Clarksville CemeteryHulbert CemeteryOtipoby Comanche CemeteryUnion Hill Cemetery
Claude CemeteryHunter CemeteryOtoe-Missouria CemeteryUnion Mission Cemetery
Clay CemeteryHutchins CemeteryOtt CemeteryUnion-Hatchett Cemetery
Clayton CemeteryHutsell CemeteryOttawa Indian CemeteryUpper Camp Creek Cemetery
Clear Creek CemeteryHutton CemeteryOtter Creek CemeteryUral Cemetery
Clear Creek CemeteryHydro Catholic CemeteryOverton CemeteryValley Cemetery
Clear Lake CemeteryHydro Masonic CemeteryOwens Prairie CemeteryValley Cemetery
Clear Spring CemeteryImmaculate Conception CemeteryPage CemeteryValley Center Cemetery
Clearview CemeteryImmanuel CemeteryPage CemeteryValley Grove Cemetery
Clearview CemeteryImmanuel CemeteryPalestine CemeteryValley Queen Cemetery
Cleghorn CemeteryImmanuel Lutheran Cemetery Palmer CemeteryValley View Cemetery
Cleo Springs CemeteryImo CemeteryPalmer CemeteryValley View Cemetery
Cliff CemeteryIndependence CemeteryPanther Creek CemeteryValliant Cemetery
Cline CemeteryIndependence CemeteryPaoli CemeteryVamoosa Cemetery
Clinging CemeteryIndependence CemeteryPappin CemeteryVan Cemetery
Clinton CemeteryIndependence CemeteryParadise CemeteryVan Dyke Cemetery
Clinton City CemeteryIndependent Order of Odd Fellows CemeteryParadise CemeteryVandier Cemetery
Clinton Indian CemeteryIndiahoma IOOF CemeteryParadise CemeteryVann Cemetery
Clinton Oaks CemeteryIndian CemeteryParadise Valley CemeteryVann Cemetery
Clopton CemeteryIndian CemeteryPark Grove CemeteryVannerson Cemetery
Cloud Chief CemeteryIndian CemeteryPark Grove CemeteryVassar Cemetery
Cloud Creek CemeteryIndian CemeteryPark Hill CemeteryVaught Cemetery
Cloudy CemeteryIndian CemeteryParker CemeteryVelma
Coal Creek CemeteryIndian CemeteryParkersburg CemeteryVenable Cemetery
Coalgate CemeteryIndian CemeteryParkland CemeteryVerden Cemetery
Cobb Family CemeteryIndian Territory Checotah Cemetery Parks CemeteryVernon Cemetery
Cockran CemeteryIndian-Mennonite CemeteryParris CemeteryVernon Cemetery
Coker CemeteryIndianola CemeteryParrotte CemeteryVernon Cemetery
Colbert CemeteryIndianola CemeteryParsons CemeteryVian Garden of Memories
Cold Springs CemeteryIngalls CemeteryParvin CemeteryVictor Cemetery
Cole Chapel CemeteryIngalls Cemetery AssociationPassmore CemeteryVictor Cemetery
Cole Spur CemeteryIoland CemeteryPatrick CemeteryVictory Cemetery
Coleman CemeteryIona CemeteryPawhuska CemeteryVictory Indian Cemetery
Coleman CemeteryIowa Chapel CemeteryPawhuska City CemeteryVien Cemetery
Collett CemeteryIowa Indian CemeteryPayne CemeteryVista Cemetery
Colley CemeteryIowa Mission CemeteryPeaceful CemeteryVivian Cemetery
Collins CemeteryIreton CemeteryPeachland CemeteryVonton Cemetery
Collins CemeteryIronbridge CemeteryPecan CemeteryVore Cemetery
Comanche CemeteryIsabella CemeteryPeery CemeteryWade Cemetery
Comanche Indian CemeteryIsadore CemeteryPeggs CemeteryWade Cemetery
Combs CemeteryIsom Springs CemeteryPeoria CemeteryWakita Cemetery
Concho CemeteryIsparhecher CemeteryPerkins CemeteryWakole Cemetery
Concord CemeteryJackson Grove CemeteryPerkins CemeteryWalker Cemetery
Condon Grove CemeteryJacob Morey CemeteryPerry CemeteryWalker Cemetery
Confederate CemeteryJames CemeteryPerryman CemeteryWalker Cemetery
Confederate CemeteryJamison CemeteryPersimmon CemeteryWalkingstick Cemetery
Connerville CemeteryJamison CemeteryPet Memorial Memory Gardens IncWallen Cemetery
Connor CemeteryJavine CemeteryPet Memories Cremation ServiceWalnut Grove Cemetery
Constien CemeteryJennings CemeteryPeters CemeteryWalters Cemetery
Cook CemeteryJent CemeteryPetersburg CemeteryWanamaker Cemetery
Cookson CemeteryJerusalem CemeteryPheasant Hill CemeteryWanette Cemetery
Cooksville CemeteryJester CemeteryPhiladelphia CemeteryWann Cemetery
Cooper CemeteryJoe Ross / Ross Family CemeteryPhiladelphia CemeteryWard Cemetery
Cooper CemeteryJohn Old Crow CemeteryPhilipps CemeteryWard Springs Cemetery
Cooper CemeteryJohn Seabolt CemeteryPhillips CemeteryWards Cemetery
Cooper CemeteryJohnson CemeteryPhillips CemeteryWards Cemetery
Corbett CemeteryJohnson CemeteryPhyllis CemeteryWards Chapel Cemetery
Cordell CemeteryJohnson CemeteryPie Flat CemeteryWards Grove Cemetery
Corinne CemeteryJones CemeteryPierce CemeteryWare Cemetery
Corley CemeteryJones CemeteryPierce CemeteryWare Cemetery
Cornish CemeteryJones CemeteryPilgrim CemeteryWarner Memorial Cemetery
Corntassel CemeteryJones CemeteryPilgrims RestWarren Cemetery
Corum CemeteryJones IOOF CemeteryPilgrims Rest Cemeterywarrior cemetery
Cottonwood CemeteryJordan CemeteryPilgrims Rest CemeteryWashington Cemetery
Cottonwood CemeteryJulius CemeteryPilgrims Rest CemeteryWashington Cemetery
Cottonwood CemeteryJumper CemeteryPilgrims Rest CemeteryWashington Cemetery
Council Creek CemeteryKansas CemeteryPine CemeteryWashington Cemetery
Council Hill CemeteryKaroma CemeteryPine Ridge CemeteryWashita Indian Cemetery
Council House CemeteryKear Memorial CemeteryPine Top CemeteryWashunga Cemetery
County Home CemeteryKeel CemeteryPiney CemeteryWaterloo Cemetery
Countyline CemeteryKeel CemeteryPinkerton CemeteryWatonga Indian Cemetery
Courtney CemeteryKeffer CemeteryPioneer CemeteryWatonga IOOF Cemetery (Independent Order of Odd Fellows)
Courts CemeteryKeith CemeteryPioneer CemeteryWatson Cemetery
Covington Community CemeteryKeller CemeteryPioneer CemeteryWatson Family Cemetery
Cowboy CemeteryKellerby CemeteryPioneer CemeteryWatsons Memorial Cemetery
Cowboy Hill CemeteryKelley CemeteryPioneer Memorial CemeteryWatts Cemetery
Cowlington CemeteryKelly CemeteryPiper CemeteryWaukomis Cemetery
Cox Chapel CemeteryKellyville City CemeteryPittsburg CemeteryWaurika Cemetery
Coyle CemeteryKemp CemeteryPlainview CemeteryWayland Cemetery
Cramp CemeteryKemp CemeteryPlainview CemeteryWaynoka Municipal Cemetery
Creek Mine CemeteryKendrick CemeteryPlainview CemeteryWeaver Chapel Cemetery
Crescent CemeteryKenton CemeteryPlainview CemeteryWelch Cemetery
Crestwood CemeteryKeokuk CemeteryPlainview CemeteryWells Cemetery
Criner CemeteryKeota CemeteryPlatter CemeteryWells Valley Cemetery
Crittenden CemeteryKerns CemeteryPleasant Grove CemeteryWellston Cemetery
Cropper CemeteryKetcher CemeteryPleasant Grove CemeteryWelsh Cemetery
Crosley CemeteryKetcher CemeteryPleasant Hill CemeteryWelty Cemetery
Crossroads CemeteryKey West CemeteryPleasant Hill CemeteryWesley Cemetery
Crossroads CemeteryKeys CemeteryPleasant Hill CemeteryWest Adair Cemetery
Crow CemeteryKibby CemeteryPleasant Hill CemeteryWest Cemetery
Crowder CemeteryKilcrease CemeteryPleasant Hill CemeteryWest Cemetery
Crowder CemeteryKiller CemeteryPleasant Hill CemeteryWest Cemetery
Crowder Springs CemeteryKillgore CemeteryPleasant Ridge CemeteryWest Cemetery
Crown Hill CemeteryKing CemeteryPleasant Ridge CemeteryWest Creek Cemetery
Crown Hill CemeteryKing CemeteryPleasant Ridge CemeteryWest Hill Cemetery
Crutchfield CemeteryKingfisher CemeteryPleasant Ridge CemeteryWest Lawn Cemetery
Crystal CemeteryKinnelworth CemeteryPleasant Ridge CemeteryWest Liberty Cemetery
Cudjo CemeteryKiowa CemeteryPleasant Ridge CemeteryWest Point Cemetery
Cully CemeteryKiowa CemeteryPleasant Valley CemeteryWestville Cemetery
Cumberland CemeteryKiowa CemeteryPleasant Valley CemeteryWestwood Cemetery
Cummins CemeteryKirby CemeteryPleasant Valley CemeteryWetumka Baptist Cemetery
Cupco CemeteryKlondike CemeteryPleasant Valley CemeteryWetumka Cemetery
Curtis CemeteryKlondike CemeteryPleasant Valley CemeteryWheeler Cemetery
Czech CemeteryKnipe CemeteryPleasant Valley CemeteryWheeler Flats Cemetery
Czech National CemeteryKnoles CemeteryPleasant Valley CemeteryWheeless Cemetery
Czecko Slovak CemeteryKnowles CemeteryPleasant Valley CemeteryWhirlwind Cemetery
Dale CemeteryKnowles CemeteryPleasant Valley CemeteryWhistler Cemetery
DAMASIG Financial GroupKolb CemeteryPleasant Valley Sumner CemeteryWhite Cemetery
Damon CemeteryKonawa CemeteryPleasant View CemeteryWhite Cemetery
Darland CemeteryKremlin CemeteryPleasant View CemeteryWhite Chimney Cemetery
Daugamah CemeteryKrimmer CemeteryPleasant View CemeteryWhite Church Cemetery
Davenport CemeteryKuhlman CemeteryPleasant View CemeteryWhite Church Cemetery
David Lewis Payne GravesiteKuhn CemeteryPleasant View Mennonite CemeteryWhite Dove Cemetery
Davidson CemeteryKulli Tuklo CemeteryPlenty Faith CemeteryWhite Flat Cemetery
Davis CemeteryKyle CemeteryPlunkett CemeteryWhite Flat Cemetery
Davis CemeteryLabors CemeteryPlymouth CemeteryWhite Oak Cemetery
Davis CemeteryLacey CemeteryPoage CemeteryWhite Rose Cemetery
Davis CemeteryLadessa CemeteryPoarch CemeteryWhite Rose Cemetery
Dawes CemeteryLaflin CemeteryPocasset CemeteryWhite Rose Cemetery
Deal CemeteryLahoma CemeteryPolk CemeteryWhitebead Cemetery
Debolt CemeteryLain CemeteryPollan CemeteryWhitefield Cemetery
Decherds CemeteryLake CemeteryPollick CemeteryWhitehall Cemetery
Delaware CemeteryLakeview CemeteryPolo CemeteryWhitehorn Cemetery
Delhi CemeteryLamar CemeteryPolson CemeteryWhitehorse Cemetery
Delnorte CemeteryLambdin CemeteryPonca City IOOF CemeteryWhitlow Cemetery
Dempsey CemeteryLamont CemeteryPonca Indian CemeteryWickliffe Cemetery
Denison CemeteryLandrum CemeteryPond Creek CemeteryWilburton Cemetery
Denman CemeteryLane CemeteryPontotoc CemeteryWildcat Cemetery
Denny CemeteryLangford CemeteryPooleville CemeteryWildwood Cemetery
Denten CemeteryLanier CemeteryPoorfarm CemeteryWiley Cemetery
Denton CemeteryLatlrop CemeteryPopes Chapel CemeteryWilhite Cemetery
Denver CemeteryLaura CemeteryPoplar Grove CemeteryWilkerson Cemetery
Devol CemeteryLaverne Memorial CemeteryPort CemeteryWilkerson Cemetery
Dewey CemeteryLaverty CemeteryPorter CemeteryWilkerson Cemetery
Dewey CemeteryLawnview CemeteryPost CemeteryWill Rogers Memorial Museum
Deyo CemeteryLawnview CemeteryPost Oak CemeteryWillard Cemetery
Diamond CemeteryLawrie CemeteryPost Oak CemeteryWilley Cemetery
Dibble CemeteryLawson Williams CemeteryPotts CemeteryWilliams Cemetery
Dickerson CemeteryLawson-Quay CemeteryPowell CemeteryWilliams Cemetery
Dixie CemeteryLear CemeteryPowell CemeteryWillis Cemetery
Dixie CemeteryLeard CemeteryPrague CemeteryWillis Cemetery
Dixie CemeteryLebanon CemeteryPrairie Gardens CemeteryWillow Bar Cemetery
Dixon Chapel CemeteryLee CemeteryPrairie Hill CemeteryWillow Cemetery
Doby Springs CemeteryLee CemeteryPrairie View CemeteryWillow Cemetery
Dog Creek CemeteryLees Chapel CemeteryPrairie View CemeteryWillow Creek Cemetery
Dolberg CemeteryLegate CemeteryPrairie View CemeteryWillow View Cemetery
Donnell CemeteryLehigh CemeteryPrairie View CemeteryWillow View Cemetery/Pink Cemetery
Donnelly CemeteryLehigh CemeteryPrairie View CemeteryWilson Cemetery
Dora CemeteryLela CemeteryPrayer GardensWilson Cemetery
Doric Central Burial VaultsLenna CemeteryPrecious Pets CemeteryWilson Cemetery
Doublehead CemeteryLeon CemeteryPreston Hill CemeteryWilson Cemetery
Dougherty CemeteryLerblance CemeteryPrice CemeteryWilson Cemetery
Dover CemeteryLeroy CemeteryPrice CemeteryWilson Cemetery
Downing CemeteryLessley CemeteryPrison CemeteryWilson Cemetery
Downing CemeteryLewis CemeteryProspect CemeteryWilson Cemetery
Downing CemeteryLewis CemeteryProvence CemeteryWilson Chapel Cemetery
Doyle CemeteryLewisville CemeteryProvens CemeteryWilson Chapel Cemetery
Drake CemeteryLexington CemeteryPruitt CemeteryWinganon Cemetery
Drake CemeteryLiberty Bell Cemeterypryor cemeteryWinnview Cemetery
Drake Stand CemeteryLiberty CemeteryPryor CemeteryWise Cemetery
Driftwood CemeteryLiberty CemeteryPulcher Spring CemeteryWisner Cemetery
Dripping Springs CemeteryLiberty CemeteryPuller CemeteryWofford Cemetery
Dripping Springs CemeteryLiberty CemeteryPumpkin Center CemeteryWolf Cemetery
Dryden CemeteryLiberty CemeteryPurdy CemeteryWolf Cemetery
Duck CemeteryLiberty CemeteryQuartz CemeteryWolf Creek Cemetery
Duffield Memorial CemeteryLiberty CemeteryQuinton CemeteryWolf Creek Cemetery
Dugford CemeteryLightning Ridge CemeteryRainey CemeteryWolfe Cemetery
Duke CemeteryLikowski CemeteryRalston CemeteryWood Cemetery
Duncan CemeteryLilac Hill Memorial GardensRamona CemeteryWoodall Cemetery
Duncan CemeteryLillard CemeteryRandlett CemeteryWoodberry Forest Cemetery
Duncan City CemeteryLincoln CemeteryRandolph CemeteryWoodland Cemetery
Dunkard CemeteryLincoln CemeteryRange CemeteryWoodland Cemetery
Dunkard CemeteryLinder CemeteryRattan CemeteryWoodlawn Cemetery
Dunkard CemeteryLindley CemeteryRaven Crossing Creek Family Cemetery Woodlawn Cemetery
Dunkin Family CemeteryLinn CemeteryRavia CemeteryWoodlawn Cemetery
Dunlap CemeteryLittle CemeteryRay CemeteryWoodman Cemetery
Durant CemeteryLittle CemeteryRay Mission CemetaryWoods Memorial Cemetery
Durant CemeteryLittle Cussetah CemeteryRaymond CemeteryWoodville Cemetery
Durham CemeteryLittle Cussetah CemeteryRed Bird CemeteryWoolsey Cemetery
Durrant CemeteryLittle Quarsarty CemeteryRed Eagle CemeteryWorley Cemetery
Durwood CemeteryLittle Robe CemeteryRed Hill CemeteryWorrells Cemetery
Dustin CemeteryLittle Rock CemeteryRed Hill CemeteryWorster Cemetery
Dwight CemeteryLittle Sans Bois CemeteryRed Hill CemeteryWright Cemetery
Eagle Chief CemeteryLockridge CemeteryRed Oak CemeteryWyandotte Cemetery
Eagle City CemeteryLoco CemeteryRed Oak CemeteryWyatt Cemetery
Eagletown CemeteryLombard CemeteryRed Oak CemeteryWynnewood View Cemetery
Eakly CemeteryLona CemeteryRed Oak CemeteryYake Cemetery
Earl CemeteryLone Bell CemeteryRed Rock CemeteryYarbrough Cemetery
Earlsboro CemeteryLone Cedar CemeteryRed Rock CemeteryYarnaby Cemetery
East Basin CemeteryLone Chapel CemeteryRed Rock CemeteryYeager Oakhill Cemetery
East Cooper CemeteryLone Dove CemeteryRed Springs CemeteryYellow Tree Cemetery
East Fairlawn CemeteryLone Elm CemeteryRed Star CemeteryYoung Cemetery
East Fairview CemeteryLone Grove CemeteryRed Stone CemeteryYUKON
East Hill CemeteryLone Grove CemeteryRed Top CemeteryZelma Cemetery
East Mount Pleasant CemeteryLone Oak CemeteryRed Top CemeteryZena Cemetery
Eastern Star CemeteryLone Star CemeteryRedland CemeteryZion Cemetery
Eastern State Hospital CemeteryLone Star CemeteryReece CemeteryZion Cemetery
Eastlawn CemeteryLone Star CemeteryReece CemeteryZion Cemetery
Eastport CemeteryLone Star CemeteryReed CemeteryZion Cemetery
Ebenezer Baptist CemeteryLone Star CemeteryRemsey CemeteryZion Cemetery
Ebenezer CemeteryLone Tree CemeteryRenkie CemeteryZion Cemetery
Ebenfeld CemeteryLone Wolf CemeteryRentie Grove Historical CemeteryZion Community Cemetery
Eberle CemeteryLong Creek CemeteryRest Haven CemeteryZion Lutheran Cemetery
Edwards CemeteryLong Creek Cemetery also known as Choctaw & EaringRest Haven CemeteryZion Mennonite Indian Cemetery
Edwards CemeteryLong Prairie CemeteryRest Haven CemeteryZoraya Cemetery
Edwardsville CemeteryLongdale CemeteryRest Haven Memorial Gardens
Edwardsville CemeteryLongtail CemeteryResthaven Cemetery