BillionGraves Site Map

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BillionGraves Cemeteries for California, United States

Fairhaven MemorialMckissick Family CemeteryRyon Memorial Park
Fairmont Memorial ParkMcPeak CemeteryS D A Cemetery
Fairmount CemeteryMeadow Valley CemeteryS D A Cemetery
Fairview CemeteryMelrose Abbey Memorial ParkSacramento County Cemetery
Abbey Memorial ParkFall River CemeteryMemorial Park CemeterySacramento Historic City Cemetery
Acacia Memorial CemeteryFallbrook Masonic CemeteryMemory Garden Memorial ParkSacramento Memorial Lawn
Academy CemeteryFannie Wilburn Historical Site CemeteryMemory Gardens CemeterySacramento Valley National Cemetery
Acres CemeteryFarmington Memorial CemeteryMemory Gardens CemeterySaint Alphonsus Catholic Cemetery
Acton Community CemeteryFaught CemeteryMemory Gardens CemeterySaint Andrew Abbey Cemetery
Adas Yeshuran CemeteryFelton CemeteryMemory Gardens CemeterySaint Andrew By the Sea United Methodist Church
Adelaida CemeteryFerndale CemeteryMendocino CemeterySaint Ann Cemetery
Adin CemeteryFernwood CemeteryMenifee Valley CemeterySaint Anthony Cemetery
Agnews Historic CemeteryFiddletown CemeteryMerced Cemetery DistrictSaint Augustine Catholic Cemetery
Agua Mansa Pioneer CemeteryFiddletown Masonic CemeteryMerchant Marine Cemetery Vista MemorialSaint Bartholomew Cemetery
Aguanga Fine Gold CemeteryMeridian CemeterySaint Boniface Cemetery
Agudath Achim CemeteryFirst Unitarian Universalist Church of San DiegoMethodist Episcopal Church Pioneer CemeterySaint Carmel Cemetery
Ahayas Achim CemeteryFirst United Methodist Church Memorial Garden(Columbarium)Metropolitan Mortuary Jurupa ValleySaint Dominic Cemetery
Alamo CemeteryFishermen's MemorialMichigan Bar CemeterySaint Francis Cemetery
Alamo-Lafayette Cemetery DistrictFive Pillars Farm CemeteryMid State Concrete ProductsSaint Francis of Assisi
Alhambra CemeteryFloral Memorial CemeteryMiddleton CemeterySaint Francis Solano Catholic Cemetery
All Saints CemeteryFolsom Prison CemeteryMiddletown CemeterySaint Francis Xavier Cemetery
All Saints CemeteryFoothills United Methodist Church ColumbariumMiddletown Cemetery DistrictSaint Helena Cemetery
All Souls Catholic CemeteryForest Lawn Cemetery, Cathedral CityMidway Cemetery 25 HillSaint James Episcopal Church Columbarium
All Souls Episcopal Church ColumbariumForest Lawn Hollywood HillsMilford CemeterySaint John Catholic Cemetery
Alpine CemeteryForest Lawn Memorial CemeteryMilitary CemeterySaint John Catholic Cemetery
Alta Cemetery DistrictForest Lawn Memorial ParkMillsap CemeterySaint John Cemetery
Alta Mesa CemeteryForest Lawn Memorial ParkMillville CemeterySaint John The Baptist Catholic Church Cemetery
Alta Mesa Memorial ParkForest Lawn Memorial Park - Covina HillsMilton CemeterySaint Johns United Church of Christ Cemetery
Alta Mesa Memorial ParkForest Ranch CemeteryMiners Union CemeterySaint Johns United Church of Christ Cemetery
Altaville Protestant CemeteryForesthill CemeteryMiramar National CemeterySaint Johns United Church of Christ Cemetery
Alturas CemeteryForestview CemeteryMission CarmelSaint Joseph Catholic Cemetery
Amador Memorial CemeteryFort Jones CemeteryMission CemeterySaint Joseph Cemetery
Ammon Family CemeteryFort Mojave Burial GroundsMission City Memorial ParkSaint Joseph Cemetery
Anaheim CemeteryFort Rosecrans National CemeteryMission Memorial ParkSaint Joseph Cemetery
Anderson CemeteryFort Yuma CemeteryMission San Antonio de Pala CemeterySaint Joseph Cemetery
Anderson Cemetery DistrictFoulke CemeteryMission San Diego de Alcala CemeterySaint Joseph Cemetery
Andreason CemeteryFounder's Memorial ParkMission San Juan Bautista CemeterySaint Joseph Cemetery (New)
Androus Family Pioneer CemeteryFowler CemeteryMission San Luis Rey CemeterySaint Joseph Cemetery (old)
Angel Care Cemetery Care ServicesFoxen Canyon CemeteryMission San MiguelSaint Joseph Cemetery/Romona Slaven
Annapolis Church CemeteryFranklin CemeteryMission Santa Ysabel CemeterySaint Louis Cemetery
Antelope CemeteryFraternal Order of Eagles Aerie 929 CemeteryMitchell-Dyer Family CemeterySaint Mary Catholic Cemetery
Apollo CrematoryFrederick Homes, Inc.Miwok CemeterySaint Mary Cemetery
Ararat Armenian CemeteryFredericksburg CemeteryModesto Pioneer Cemetery Saint Mary Cemetery
Arbor Vitae CemeteryFrench Bar CemeteryMoke CemeterySaint Mary Cemetery
Arbuckle Catholic CemeteryFresno County Cemetery (Potter's Field)Mokelumne Hill Catholic CemeterySaint Mary Cemetery
Arbuckle CemeteryFresno Funeral ChapelMokelumne Hill Jewish CemeterySaint Michael Cemetery
Arlington Memorial CemeteryFresno Memorial GardensMokelumne Hill Protestant CemeterySaint Patrick Catholic Cemetery
Arrowhead Aftercare Cremation CenterFulkerson CemeteryMono Lake CemeterySaint Patrick Catholic Cemetery
Arroyo Grande CemeteryFulton CemeteryMonroeville CemeterySaint Patrick Catholic Cemetery
Artesia CemeteryGalley Mountain CemeteryMontague CemeterySaint Patrick Cemetery
Artois CemeteryGalt-Arno CemeteryMontecito Memorial ParkSaint Patrick Memorial Garden
Ascension CemeteryGan ShalomMonterey City Cemetery formerly Cemeterio El EncinalSaint Paul Lutheran Cemetery
Assumption CemeteryGarces Memorial CircleMonterey County CemeterySaint Peter Catholic Cemetery
Atascadero Cemetery Garden of InnocenceMonticello CemeterySaint Peter Cemetery
Atlanta CemeteryGarden of MemoriesMonticello Public CemeterySaint Rose Catholic Cemetery
Auberry CemeteryGarden of Memories CemeteryMonument Hill Memorial ParkSaint Rose Cemetery
Auburn District CemeteryGate of Heaven CemeteryMormon Island CemeterySaint Stanislaus Cemetery
Avalon Cemetery Gavilan Hills Memorial Park and Catholic CemeteryMorris CemeterySaint Stephen Cemetery
B'nai Israel CemeteryGazelle CemeteryMount Calvary CemeterySaint Steven Cemetery
Bakersfield Funeral HomeGeorge C. Yount Pioneer Cemetery and Ancient Indian Burial GroundsMount Calvary CemeterySaint Vincent Cemetery
Bakersfield MemorialGeorgetown Pioneer CemeteryMount Carmel CemeterySalem Cemetery
Bakersfield National CemeteryGillems GraveyardMount Eden CemeterySalem Memorial Park
Ballena (Littlepage or Casner Family) CemeteryGilliam CemeteryMount Hebron CemeterySam Yep Cemetery, Fresno, CA
Bardsdale CemeteryGlen Abbey CemeteryMount Hope CemeterySan Carlos Cemetery
Barker MemorialsGlen Haven Memorial ParkMount Hope CemeterySan Fernando Mission Catholic Cemetery
Beeson CemeteryGlen Oaks Memorial Park CemeteryMount Hope CemeterySan Fernando Mission Catholic Cemetery
Belden CemeteryGlenbrook Cobb Cemetery DistrictMount Morrison CemeterySan Fernando Mission Catholic Cemetery
Bellevue CemeteryGold Hill CemeteryMount Olive Memorial Park Jewish CemeterySan Fernando Mission Cemetery
Bellevue Memorial ParkGold Mountain Memorial ParkMount OlivetSan Francisco National Cemetery
Belmont Memorial ParkGolden Gate National CemeteryMount Olivet CemeterySan Gabriel Cemetery
Benicia City CemeteryGolden Sunset Memorial ParkMount Olivet CemeterySan Jacinto Valley Cemetery
Benitz CemeteryGoleta CemeteryMount Owens CemeterySan Joaquin Cemetery
Bennett CemeteryGonzales CemeteryMount Pisgah (Alpine's Pioneer) CemeterySan Joaquin Cemetery
Bennett Memorial ParkGonzales Cemetery DistrictMount Shasta Memorial ParkSan Joaquin Valley National Cemetery
Bennett Valley CemeteryGood Shepherd Catholic CemeteryMount Sinai Memorial ParkSan Juan Bautista
Benson Canyon CemeteryGoodyears Bar CemeteryMount Sinai Memorial Parks and MortuariesSan Juan Bautista Cemetery
Benton Hot Springs (Hill behind Hot Springs Campground)Grace Episcopal Cathedral ColumbariumMount Soledad Memorial AssociationSan Lorenzo Cemetery
Beth Israel CemeteryGrand Island CemeteryMount Tamalpais CemeterySan Luis Cemetery
Beth Israel CemeteryGrand View Memorial Park and Crematory Mount Vernon Memorial ParkSan Luis Rey Pioneer Cemetery
Beth Olam Cemetery-HollywoodGrangeville CemeteryMount View CemeterySan Marcos Cemetery
Bethany CemeteryGrangeville Cemetery Mount View Mortuary and CemeterySan Marcos Mennonite Cemetery
Bethel CemeteryGranite Spring CemeteryMount Whitney CemeterySan Pasqual Cementery
Big Bar CemeteryGraves CemeteryMount Zion CemeterySan Pasqual Indian Cemetery
Big Flat CemeteryGrayson CemeteryMountain CemeterySan Ysidro Cemetery
Big Pine CemeteryGray\'s Flat CemeteryMountain Shadow CemeterySanger Cemetery
Bitterwater CemeteryGreek Orthodox Memorial ParkMountain Valley Memorial Park CemeterySanta Ana Cemetery
Bloomfield CemeteryGreen Acres Memorial ParkMountain View CemeterySanta Barbara Cemetery
Blue Lake CemeteryGreen Hills Memorial ParkMountain View CemeterySanta Clara Catholic Cemetery
Blue Mountain CemeteryGreen Lawn Memorial ParkMountain View CemeterySanta Clara Cemetery and Santa Clara Mortuary
Bobbitt Memorial ChapelGreen Valley CemeteryMountain View CemeterySanta Clara Memorial Park
Bodega Bay CemeteryGreen Valley Mortuary and CemeteryMountain View CemeterySanta Clara Mission Cemetery
Bodega Calvary CemeteryGreenfield CemeteryMountain View CemeterySanta Cruz Cemetery
Bodie Masonic CemeteryGreenfield Holy Trinity CemeteryMountain View CemeterySanta Cruz Memorial
Bonham Brothers and Stewart MortuaryGreenlawn CemeteryMountain View CemeterySanta Ines Mission Cemetery
Borden Chinese CemeteryGreenlawn CemeteryMountain View CemeterySanta Margarita Cemetery
Boughton Hill Cemetery Victor Ontario County New York, USAGreenlawn Memorial ParkMountain View Cemetery and MausoleumSanta Margarita Cemetery
Boulder Creek IOOF CemeteryGreenlawn SouthwestMuhlbrandt Family CemeterySanta Maria Cemetery
Bourn CemeteryGreenwood CemeteryMuir-Strentzel CemeterySanta Paula Cemetery
Bowerman Ranch Family CemeteryGreenwood Memorial CemeteryMurrieta Valley Cemetery DistrictSanta Rosa Calvary Cemetery
Briceland CemeteryGreenwood Memorial GardensMyers Flat CemeterySanta Rosa Cemetery
Brichetto TombGreenwood Memorial ParkMyrtle Grove MemorialSanta Rosa Memorial Park
Bridgeville CemeteryGreenwood Pioneer CemeteryNapa Valley Memorial GardensSanta Rosa Memorial Park - Shiloh Road Addition
Brother Jonathan CemeteryGridley-Biggs CemeteryNeptune SocietySanta Rosa Mortuary
Browns Valley CemeteryGrindstone CemeteryNeptune Society ColumbariumSanta Rosa Rural Cemetery
Brownsville CemeteryGuadalupe CemeteryNevada Cemetery DistrictSarah Priest Cemetery
Bruna Vista ParkHacienda CemeteryNevada Cemetery DistrictSattley
Bryan-Braker Funeral HomeHalcumb CemeteryNew Holy Cross CemeterySavannah Cemetery
Bryant CemeteryHalcumb Cemetery DistrictNew Hope CemeteryScott Bar Cemetery
Bubbling Well Memorial ParkHalcyon CemeteryNew Saint John Lutheran CemeteryScotty\'s Castle
Buena Vista Hall CemeteryNewcastle CemeterySearles Valley Cemetery
Bull Creek CemeteryHambey CemeteryNewport CemeterySeaview Cemetery
Burney CemeteryHamilton CemeteryNewville CemeterySebastopol Memorial Lawn Cemetery
Burwood CemeteryHanford CemeteryNicholl CemeterySerbian Cemetery
Butcher Hill CemeteryHanford Cemetery DistrictNicolaus CemeterySerbian Cemetery
Butte City CemeteryHappy Camp District CemeteryNimshew CemeterySerbian Cemetery
Byron Brentwood Knightson CemeteryHappy Homestead CemeteryNixon Presidential Library and MuseumShady Grove Cemetery
Cabbage Patch CemeteryHarbor Lawn CemeteryNome Lackee CemeteryShafter Cemetery
Cabrillo National MonumentHarbor View Memorial ParkNordhoff CemeteryShandon Cemetery
Calico CemeteryHarmony Grove CemeteryNordhoff CemeteryShasta Catholic Cemetery
California Central Coast Veterans Cemetery Harris CemeteryNorth Butte CemeteryShasta Masonic Cemetery
California City Memorial ParkHartley CemeteryNorth Fork CemeteryShaws Flat Cemetery
Callahan Cemetery SouthHartley Cemetery DistrictNorth Hilmar CemeteryShenandoah Cemetery
Calvary Catholic CemeteryHayfork CemeteryNorth Selma CemeterySheridan Cemetery
Calvary Catholic CemeteryHazelton CemeteryNorth Tulare Public CemeteryShields Cemetery
Calvary Catholic Cemetery and MausoleumHedges CemeteryNorthern California Veterans Cemetery at ReddingShiloh
Calvary Catholic Cemetery and MausoleumHelena-Bagdad CemeteryNoyesburg CemeteryShiloh Cemetery District
Calvary CemeteryHelm-Turner CemeteryOak Grove CemeteryShim Flat Cemetery
Calvary CemeteryHenley-Hornbrook CemeteryOak Grove CemeteryShoshone Cemetery
Calvary CemeteryHermosa CemeteryOak Grove CemeterySierra Hills Memorial Park
Calvary CemeteryHermosa Gardens CemeteryOak Hill CemeterySierra Madre Cemetery
Calvary CemeteryHettenshaw Valley CemeteryOak Hill CemeterySierra Memorial Lawn
Calvary CemeteryHicksville CemeteryOak Hill Memorial CemeterySierra View Memorial Park
Calvary CemeteryHidalgo CemeteryOak Hill Memorial ParkSierraville Cemetery
Calvary Cemetery and MausoleumHighland View Memorial GardensOak Hill Memorial ParkSilveyville Cemetery
Calvary Pioneer Memorial ParkHillcrest CemeteryOak Knoll CemeterySinai Memorial Chapel
Cambria CemeteryHillcrest Memorial Park CemeteryOak Knoll CemeterySinging Hills Memorial Park
Camellia Memorial Lawn CemeteryHills Ferry CemeteryOak Knoll CemeterySkylawn Memorial Gardens
Camp Far West CemeteryHills of Eternity Memorial ParkOak Lawn Memorial ParkSkylawn Memorial Park
Camp Lockett Pioneer CemeteryHills-Eternity Jewish CemeteryOak Mound CemeterySkyview
Campbell-Chilwell-Mount Laguna CemeteryHillside CemeteryOak Park CemeterySkyview Memorial Lawn
Campo Santo CemeteryHillside Memorial Parkoak view cemeterySkyway Memorial Park
Campo Seco Protestant CemeteryHillside Memorial Park CemeteryOak View Memorial ParkSloughhouse Pioneer Cemetery
Camptonville CemeteryHilltop CemeteryOakdale Memorial ParkSmartville Cemetery
Canfield CemeteryHilmar Cemetery DistrictOakhill CemeterySmith Flat Cemetery
Capay CemeteryHoaglin CemeteryOakmont Memorial ParkSmith Mountain Cemetery
Carmel Valley CemeteryHolly CemeteryOakwood CemeterySnelling Cemetery
Carpinteria CemeteryHollywood Forever CemeteryOakwood CemeterySoledad Cemetery
Carpinteria Cemetery DistrictHoly Crossocean view cemeterySolvang Cemetery
Carquinez CemeteryHoly Cross Catholic CemeteryOceanview CemeterySonoma Cemetery
Carter CemeteryHoly Cross Catholic Cemetery OfficeOceanview CemeterySonora City Cemetery
Carter's CemeteryHoly Cross CemeteryOdd Fellows (IOOF Cemetery)Soquel Cemetery
Casa Bonita MausoleumHoly Cross CemeteryOdd Fellows CemeterySouth Hilmar Cemetery
Caskey-Campbell-Winfree-Smith Family private burialHoly Cross CemeteryOdd Fellows CemeterySouth Kern Cemetery District
Castroville Moss Landing CemeteryHoly Cross CemeteryOdd Fellows Cemetery AssociationSpadra Cemetery
Cathedral Memorial GardensHoly Cross CemeteryOdd Fellows Community CemeterySpring Hill Cemetery
Catheys Valley CemeteryHoly Cross CemeteryOddfellows CemeterySpringfield Cemetery
Catholic Cemeteries - Diocese of Santa RosaHoly Cross CemeteryOddfellows CemeterySquaw Valley Cemetery
Catholic CemeteryHoly Cross Cemetery Ogburn Inwood CemeterySt Joseph\'s Catholic Historical Cemetery
Catholic CemeteryHoly Cross Cemetery and MausoleumOhlones CemeterySt Mary's Catholic Cemetery & Mausoleum
Catholic CemeteryHoly Ghost CemeteryOjai CemeterySt. Joseph’s Catholic Cemetery
Catholic CemeteryHoly Sepulcher CemeteryOk Grove CemeterySt. Peters
Catholic CemeteryHoly Sepulchre CemeteryOld Auburn CemeteryStanford Mausoleum
Catholic CemeteryHome of EternityOld Auburn CemeteryStanley Cemetery
Catholic CemeteryHome of Eternity CemeteryOld Calvary CemeterySteele Family Cemetery
Catholic CemeteryHome of Peace CemeteryOld Downey CemeteryStent Cemetery
Catholic CemeteryHome of Peace CemeteryOld Grass Valley cemetery Stephen Linen Jr. Memorial Park
Catholic CemeteryHome of Peace CemeteryOld Hillside CemeteryStevinson Sunnyside Cemetery
Catholic CemeteryHome of Peace CemeteryOld Historic Al Tahoe CemeterStewarts Point Cemetery
Cayucos Morro Bay CemeteryHome Of Peace CemeteryOld Independence CemeteryStockton Rural Cemetery
Cedar Lawn Memorial ParkHome of Peace Memorial ParkOld Kernville Historic Cemetery Stoddard Family Cemetery
Cedarville CemeteryHoncut CemeteryOld Lone Pine CemeteryStohlman Cemetery
Cementerio el EncinalHoopa CemeteryOld Manassa CemeteryStonyford Cemetery
CemeteryHopeton CemeteryOld Mexican CemeteryStrawberry Valley Cemetery
CemeteryHopland CemeteryOld Mission CemeterySugarloaf Cemetery
CemeteryHopland Rancheria CemeteryOld Pioneer CemeterySuisun-Fairfield Cemetery
Cemetery Memorial ParkHorning Equipment CoOld Saint Mary CemeterySun City Granite Memorial / Alhiser-Comer
Cemetery Property ResalesHorse Creek CemeteryOld Tehachapi CemeterySunland Cemetery
Cemetery Services AgencyHoy Sun Memorial CemeteryOld Truckee CemeterySunnyside Cemetery
Centerville CemeteryHoy Sun Ning Yung CemeteryOld Uppertown cemeterySunnyside Cemetery
Centerville Pioneer CemeteryHughes Creek CemeteryOld Wheatland GraveyardSunnyslope Cemetery
Central United Methodist Church ColumbariumHulls GraveOlema CemeterySunnyslope Cemetery
Ceres Memorial ParkHunter CemeteryOlive Grove CemeterySunrise Cemetery
Chanate Historical CemeteryHyampom CemeteryOlive Hill CemeterySunrise Memorial Cemetery
Chapel of Memories ColumbariumHydesville CemeteryOlive Hill CemeterySunset Hill Cemetery
Chapel of the Chimes Iaqua-Kneeland CemeteryOlive Lawn Memorial ParkSunset Hills Memorial Park and Mortuary
Chapel of the Chimes - OaklandImperial CemeteryOlivenhain CemeterySunset Lawn Cemetery
Chapel of the Chimes CemeteryImusdale CemeteryOlivet Memorial ParkSunset Memorial Park
Chapel of the Chimes CemeteryInaja Indian Reservation CemeteryOlivewood Memorial ParkSunset View Cemetery
Chapel of the LightIndependence CemeteryOlivewood ParkSusanville Cemetery
Chapel of the Roses MortuaryIndependent Order of Odd Fellows CemeteryOntiveros CemeterySutcliffe Cemetery
Chapel of the Twin CitiesIndependent Order of Odd Fellows CemeteryOrange Memorial ParkSutter Cemetery
Chapman Funeral Care and CremationIndependent Order of Odd Fellows CemeteryOrland Cemetery DistrictSutter Cemetery District
Chemehuevi Indian CemeteryIndependent Order of Oddfellows CemeteryOrleans CemeterySutter Creek Catholic Cemetery
Chemehuevi Indian CemeteryIndependent Order of Oddfellows CemeteryOrnbaun Springs CemeterySutter Creek City Cemetery
Cherokee CemeteryIndependent Order of Oddfellows CemeteryOroville CemeterySutter Creek Independent Order of Oddfellows Cemetery
Cherokee CemeteryIndependent Order of Oddfellows CemeteryOroville Chinese Cemetery Sutter Creek New Protestant Cemetery
Cherokee Memorial ParkIndependent Order of Oddfellows CemeteryOroville Jewish Cemetery Sutter Yuba Memorial Park
Cherry Hill CemeteryIndependent Order of Oddfellows CemeteryOur Lady of Mount Carmel CemeterySycamore Indian Cemetery
Chester Cemetery DistrictIndian CemeteryOur Lady of the PillarSylvan Cemetery
Chico CemeteryIndian CemeteryOur Lady Queen-PeaceTable Bluff Cemetery
ChilcootIndian CemeteryPacheco Cemetery and CrematoryTahoe City Cemetery District
ChilcootIndian CemeteryPacific Crest CemeteryTaylor Family Cemetery, Lemoore, California
Chinese CemeteryIndian CemeteryPacific Grovecemetery DepartmentTaylors Grave Site
Chinese CemeteryIndian CemeteryPacific View Memorial ParkTehachapi Public Cemetery District
Chinese CemeteryIndian CemeteryPaicines CemeteryTehama Cemetery
Chinese CemeteryIndian CemeteryPajaro Valley Memorial ParkTemecula Public Cemetery
Chinese CemeteryIndian CemeteryPalmdale CemeteryTemple Israel Cemetery
Chinese CemeteryIndian CemeteryPalo Verde CemeteryTempleton Cemetery
Chinese Christian CemeteryIndian CemeteryPalomares Cemeterytenexpa
Chowchilla CemeteryIndian CemeteryParadise CemeteryTerrace Park Cemetery
Cieneguitas (Company C - The Santa Barbara Company) CemeteryIndian CemeteryParadise Memorial Park CemeteryThanicare
Citizens CemeteryIndian Diggings CemeteryPark Lawn CemeteryThe Good Shepherd Cemetery
City CemeteryInglenook CemeteryPark View CemeteryThe Historic Mausoleum at Old Mission Santa Barbara
Clark Memorial ParkInglewood Park CemeteryParkfield CemeteryThomas Miller Mortuary and Crematory
Clarksville CemeteryInland Memorial IncParkville CemeteryThompson Flat Cemetery
Clayton CemeteryInskip Pioneer CemeteryParlier Cemetery DistrictThree Rivers Community Services
Clear Creek CemeteryIone Catholic CemeteryPaskenta CemeteryThree Rivers Public Cemetery
Clement Ranch Family CemeteryIone Protestant-Community CemeteryPaso Robles District CemeteryTipton Cemetery
Clements Glen View CemeteryIowa Hill CemeteryPate CemeteryTipton-Pixley Cemetery
Cloverdale CemeteryIrvington Memorial CemeteryPatrick CemeteryTollhouse Cemetery
Cloverdale CemeteryIslamic Cemetery of CaliforniaPatterson District CemeteryTomales Cemetery
Clovis CemeteryItalian CemeteryPauma Valley CemeteryToro Cemetery
Coachella Valley CemeteryIvers and Alcorn Funeral HomePeachtree CemeteryTracy Cemetery
CoarsegoldIvy Lawn CemeteryPecwan CemeteryTracy Mausoleum
Colfax CemeteryIvy Lawn Memorial Park and Funeral HomePeña Adobe CemeteryTracy Public Cemetery District
College City CemeteryJackson CemeteryPeoples CemeteryTremont Cemetery
Collegeville CemeteryJames Marshall GravesitePeoria CemeteryTrinidad Cemetery
Collinsville CemeteryJamestown CemeteryPerris Valley CemeteryTrinity Center Cemetery
Colma CemeteryJanesville CemeteryPetaluma Calvary CemeteryTrinity Episcopal Church Cemetery
Colusa Cemetery Wilson RoadJanesville CemeteryPetrolia Pioneer CemeteryTruckee Cemetery aka Sierra Mountain Cemetery
Colusa Community CemeteryJapanese Benevolent SocietyPetrolia Table CemeteryTulare Public Cemetery
Commerce Holding Co IncJapanese CemeteryPicacho CemeteryTulocay Cemetery
Community Garden of SalinasJapanese CemeteryPicacho Mine CemeteryTulocay Cemetery Grounds
Conejo Mountain Memorial Park CemeteryJayhawk CemeteryPicard CemeteryTung Sen Cemetery
Congregation Adas Yeshuran CemeteryJean Lemoigne GravePicayune CemeteryTurlock Funeral Home
Congregation of Ahavas Achim CemeteryJesus Maria CemeteryPierce Bros Santa Paula CemeteryTurlock Memorial Park
Congregation Temple Israel CemeteryJewett Valley CemeteryPierce Brothers Valhalla Memorial ParkTwentynine Palms Cemetery
Cooper CemeteryJewish CemeteryPierce Brothers Valley Oaks - Griffin Memorial Park, Mortuary & CrematoryTwentynine Palms Public Cemetery
Copperopolis CemeteryJohannesburg CemeteryPilarcitos CemeteryTwo Rock Presbyterian Church Cemetery
Corcoran Cemetery DistrictJohn M Harris CoPilot Hill CemeteryUkiah
Corcoran Memorial ParkJohns CemeteryPine Creek CemeteryUkiah Cemetery
Corning Cemetery DistrictJohnstonville CemeteryPine Creek CemeteryUnion Cemetery
Corona Sunnyslope CemeteryJohnsville CemeteryPine GroveUnion Cemetery
Coronado National ForestJoshua Memorial ParkPine Grove CemeteryUnion Cemetery
Cottage Grove CemeteryJoshua Tree Memorial ParkPine Grove CemeteryUnion Cemetery
Cottonwood CemeteryJulian CemeteryPine Grove CemeteryUnion Memorial Cemetery
Cottonwood CemeteryJulien CemeteryPine Grove CemeteryUnion Pioneer Cemetery
Cottonwood CemeteryKanaka CemeteryPioneer CemeteryUniontown Cemetery
Coulterville Public CemeteryKeeler CemeteryPioneer CemeteryUnited Islamic Youth Cemetery
Coutolenc CemeteryKellogg CemeteryPioneer CemeteryUpham Cemetery
Coutolenc CemeteryKelseyville CemeteryPioneer CemeteryUpper Lake Cemetery
Cove CemeteryKern River Valley CemeteryPioneer CemeteryVacaville Elmira Cemetery
Crestlawn Memorial ParkKeystone CemeteryPioneer CemeteryVacaville Monument Co
Crestlawn Memorial ParkKimshew Cemetery DistrictPioneer CemeteryValle Sereno Funeral Home
Crestlawn Memorial Park (Mausoleum)King City CemeteryPioneer CemeteryVallecito Cemetery
Cromberg CemeteryKings River CemeteryPioneer CemeteryValley Catholic Cemetery
Cypress Hill Cemetery Kingsburg CemeteryPioneer CemeteryValley Cemetery
Cypress Hill CemeteryKirkwood CemeteryPioneer CemeteryValley Center Cemetery
Cypress Hill Memorial ParkKneebone Family CemeteryPioneer Cemetery DistrictValley Home Cemetery
Cypress Lawn East Side GardensKnights Landing CemeteryPioneer GraveValley Memorial
Cypress Lawn Hillside GardensKramer CemeteryPioneer Graves CemeteryValley Memorial Park
Cypress Lawn Memorial ParkL.A. Clark GravePioneer GroveVandalia Cemetery
Cypress View MausoleumLa PortePioneer Memorial CemeteryVerdugo Hills Cemetery
Cyrus Alexander Family CemeteryLa Verne CemeteryPioneer Memorial CemeteryVeteran's Memorial Cemetery
Daggett CemeteryLa Vista CemeteryPioneer Memorial CemeteryVeterans Memorial Center
Dailey Ranch Family CemeteryLakeside CemeteryPioneer Memorial CemeteryVeterans Memorial Park
Dambacher Mountain MemorialLakeside Memorial Lawn CemeteryPiru CemeteryVictor Valley Memorial Park
Dana CemeteryLakeview CemeteryPlacer County Hospital CemeteryVinton Cemetery
Davis CemeteryLakewood Memorial ParkPlacerville Union CemeteryVinton Cemetery
Day Valley CemeteryLancaster Cemeteryplacerville union cemeteryVisalia Cemetery
Dayton Harris Grave MonumentLangworth Cemeteryplacerville union cemeteryVisalia Public Cemetery
Dearborn Memorial ParkLapidas ReyesPlainsburg CemeteryVolcano Catholic Cemetery
Deep Creek CemeteryLassen CemeteryPleasant Grove CemeteryVolcano Protestant Cemetery
Del Puerto and Saint Mary CemeteryLawn Crest Memorial CemeteryPleasant Grove CemeteryWalker Cemetery
Delano McFarland District CemeteryLaytonville CemeteryPleasant Hills Memorial ParkWalker Ranch Cemetery
Denair CemeteryLeesville CemeteryPleasant Valley CemeteryWards Cemetery
DES CemeteryLemoore CemeteryPleasanton Memorial Gardens CemeteryWarthan Canyon Cemetery
Desert Christian High SchoolLewiston CemeteryPlumas County CemeteryWarthan Cemetery
Desert Lawn Funeral Home and Memorial ParkLewiston Pioneer CemeteryPlymouth Protestant CemeteryWasco Cemetery
Desert Lawn Memorial ParkLiberty CemeteryPoint ArenaWashington Cemetery
Desert Memorial ParkLiberty CemeteryPoint Pleasant CemeteryWashington Colony Cemetery
Desert Memorial ParkLikely CemeteryPomona CemeteryWashoe Cemetery
Desert View Funeral Home and Memorial ParkLilley Grave CemeteryPomona Valley Memorial Park and MausoleumWater Front Memorial Park
Desert View Memorial ParkLilley Grave Cemetery (Garberville)Pope Valley CemeteryWatson Grave
Diamond Springs CemeteryLincoln CemeteryPorterville CemeteryWatsonville Catholic Cemetery
Divide CemeteryLincoln Memorial Park CemeteryPotholes CemeteryWatts Valley Cemetery
Dominican Sisters of San Jose MissionLinden CemeteryPotrero CemeteryWeaverville Cemetery
Doran and Mowry LLCLindsay Strathmore CemeteryPotter Valley CemeteryWelwood Murray Cemetery
Dos Palos Cemetery DistrictLittle Chapel of the Roses Glen AbbeyPozo Community CemeteryWest Cemetery
Draper MortuaryLittle Lake CemeteryPrairie CemeteryWest Neighborhood Cemetery
Druids Occidental CemeteryLittle Lake CemeteryPraise Chapel MausoleumWest Point
Dry Valley CemeteryLittle River CemeteryPrattville CemeteryWestern Memorial Services Corporation
Drytown Public CemeteryLittle Shasta CemeteryPreciado Funeral HomeWestern Sequoia Corporation
Dublin cemeteryLive Oak CemeteryPresidio of Monterey CemeteryWestminster Memorial Park
Duncans Mills CemeteryLive Oak CemeteryPrinceton CemeteryWestport Cemetery
Dunsmuir CemeteryLive Oak CemeteryPryor GraveWestside Cemetery
Durham CemeteryLive Oak Memorial ParkPublic CemeteryWestside Cemetery
Dutch Flat CemeteryLocke CemeteryPugh CemeteryWestside District Cemetery
Eagleville CemeteryLockwood CemeteryPurple Heart MonumentWestwood Cemetery
East Kern Cemetery MojaveLode CemeteryPythian Home CemeteryWestwood Hills Memorial Park
East Lawn CemeteryLodi Memorial CemeteryQuechan Indian CemeteryWestwood Memorial Park
East Lawn Memorial Park CemeteryLofton CemeteryQueen of Heaven CemeteryWhatley Cemetery Brokerage
East Lawn Southgate CemeteryLogan Road CemeteryQueen of Heaven CemeteryWheatland Cemetery
East Line CemeteryLoma Vista Memorial ParkQueen of Heaven CemeteryWhiskeytown Cemetery
Eden Memorial ParkLompoc Evergreen CemeteryQuincy CemeteryWhispering Pines Cemetery
Eichar’s GraveLone Oak CemeteryQuincy Cemetery DistrictWhite Rock Cemetery
El Cajon CemeteryLone Star CemeteryQuintana CemeteryWilbur Grave
El Cajon CemeteryLone Tree CemeteryRaisin City CemeteryWilburn Cemetery
El Camino Memorial ParkLong Beach CemeteryRaymond CemeteryWildomar Cemetery
El Campo Santo Catholic CemeteryLong Ranch Family CemeteryRedbank CemeteryWilliam Barnwell Sr. Memorial Cemetery
El Campo Santo CemeteryLos Alamos CemeteryRedding Memorial CemeteryWilliams Cemetery
El Carmelo CemeteryLos Angeles National CemeteryRedwood CemeteryWilliams-Duckworth Cemetery
El Dorado CemeteryLos Banos CemeteryRedwood Memorial GardensWillits Cemetery
El Encinal CemeteryLos Gatos Memorial ParkReedley CemeteryWillow Creek Cemetery
El Rancho CemeteryLos Molinos Cemetery DistrictRememberWell.netWillow Creek Cemetery
El Toro Memorial ParkLos Osos Valley Memorial ParkResurrection CemeteryWillow Creek Mennonite Cemetery
El Toro Memorial ParkLower Lake CemeteryRialto Cemetery ServicesWillow Ranch Cemetery
Elder Creek CemeteryLowrey CemeteryRialto City CemeteryWillows Cemetery
Eldridge CemeteryMacedonia CemeteryRialto Park CemeteryWilmington Cemetery
Elk Creek CemeteryMadronia CemeteryRichard T Steed Memorial ParkWinchell Cove Cemetery
Elk Grove Cosumnes-Cemetery DistrictMagnolia Memorial ParkRidgeville CemeteryWinema Cemetery
Elliott CemeteryMaidens GraveRio Vista Oddfellows and Masonic CemeteryWinters Cemetery
Ellis Ranch CemeteryManton CemeteryRipon CemeteryWinton Cemetery
Elm Ridge CemeteryManton Joint CemeteryRiverside National CemeteryWoodbridge Masonic Cemetery
Elmore CemeteryManzanar CemeteryRiverview CemeteryWoodcolony Cemetery
Elsinore Valley CemeteryManzanita (Juancito) CemeteryRiverview CemeteryWoodland
Encinitas CounselingManzanita CemeteryRoberts Ferry CemeteryWoodland Cemetery
Escalon Cemetery DistrictMare Island CemeteryRocklin CemeteryWoodlawn Cemetery
Eternal Hills Memorial ParkMare Island Naval CemeteryRockville CemeteryWoodlawn Cemetery
Eternal Home CemeteryMarina FlowersRodigues CemeteryWoodlawn Cemetery, Buena Vista, IA
Eternal Valley Memorial Park and MortuaryMartinez CemeteryRohnerville Pioneer CemeteryWoodlawn Memorial Park
Etna CemeteryMarvin Chapel CemeteryRolling Hills Memorial ParkWoodville Public Cemetery
Ettersburg CemeteryMary's CemeteryRonald Reagan Presidential LibraryYamat Cemetery
Eureka CemeteryMarysville CemeteryRoosevelt Memorial ParkYerba Buena Cemetery
EvergreenMasis Ararat Armenian Cemetery Roscoe CemeteryYokayo Rancheria Cemetery
Evergreen CemeteryMasonic CemeteryRose Hill CemeteryYorba Linda
Evergreen CemeteryMasonic CemeteryRose Hills Memorial ParkYosemite Cemetery
Evergreen CemeteryMasonic CemeteryRose Hills Memorial ParkYosemite Memorial
Evergreen CemeteryMasonic CemeteryRose Memorial Park Association IncYoung Israel Cemetery
Evergreen CemeteryMasonic CemeteryRose Stage Station Historical MarkerYoung Wo Cemetery
Evergreen CemeteryMasonic Lawn CemeteryRosedale CemeteryYountville Veterans Home Cemetery
Evergreen CemeteryMasons and IOOF CemeteryRoselawn CemeteryYuba City Cemetery
Evergreen CemeteryMathew Kilgore CemeteryRoseville CemeteryYuki Cemetery
Evergreen Funeral Home and Memorial ParkMausoleumRough and Ready CemeteryYurok Veterans Cemetery
Evergreen Memorial GardensMaxwell CemeteryRuoff-Thomas CemeteryZion Lutheran Cemetery
Evergreen Memorial Historic CemeteryMcCloud CemeteryRussian Cemetery
Exeter District CemeteryMcGinnis - Private PropertyRussian Molokan Cemetery
Fair Oaks CemeteryMcGinnis CemeteryRussian River Cemetery District