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BillionGraves Cemeteries for Prince Edward Island, Canada

Alexandra Baptist CemeteryGlasgow Road CemeteryOld French CemeterySaint Michael Parish Cemetery
All Saints Parish CemeteryGlenwood United CemeteryOld Roman Catholic Cemetery/Saint Peter Rd.Saint Michael Roman Catholic Cemetery
Alma United Baptist CemeteryGordon Family Memorial PlotOrwell Corner United CemeterySaint Patrick Cemetery
Anglican Church CemeteryGospel Hall CemeteryOrwell Head Cemetery aka Church of Scotland Orwell CemeterySaint Patrick Roman Catholic Cemetery
Annandale United / Presbyterian Cemetery (old)Greenmount Church of Christ CemeteryOur Lady of Assumption Roman Catholic CemeterySaint Paul Anglican Church
Appin Road CemeteryGreenvale United Church CemeteryPark Corner Pioneer Roman Catholic CemeterySaint Paul Roman Catholic Cemetery
Argyle Shore CemeteryHampshire United Methodist CemeteryPeople's CemeterySaint Paul's Cemetery
Bangor CemeteryHarrington Pioneer CemeteryPeople's CemeterySaint Peter Anglican Cemetery
Baptist Cemetery UnionHartsville CemeteryPeoples cemeterySaint Peter Anglican Cemetery
Bay Fortune United CemeteryHazelbrook Baptist CemeteryPeters Road CemeterySaint Peter Anglican Church Cemetery
Beach Point Community CemeteryHighfield Cemetery aka Saint Anthony Presbyterian ChurchPierre Jacques Pioneer CemeterySaint Peter Harbour Cemetery
Beaton Pioneer CemeteryHillcrest CemeteryPleasant Valley United ChurchSaint Peter Parish Cemetery
Belle River Community CemeteryHistoric Roman Catholic CemeteryPolly CemeterySaint Peter Roman Catholic Cemetery
Belle River Pioneer CemeteryHoly Trinity CemeteryPortage CemeterySaint Philippe and Saint Jacques Cemetery
Belmont Baptist CemeteryHunter River Presbyterian CemeteryPownal United Methodist CemeterySaint Simon and Saint Jude Cemetery
Bethel United Church CemeteryHyde and Crosby Pioneer CemeteryPrincetown Road United CemeterySaint Stephen Anglican Cemetery
Bideford United CemeteryImmaculate Conception CemeteryRed Bank Pioneer CemeterySaint Theresa, The Little Flower
Birch Hill Free Church of Scotland CemeteryImmaculate Conception CemeteryRoman Catholic CemeterySaint Thomas Anglican Cemetery
Bloomfield United CemeteryImmaculate Conception ChurchRosebank Gospel HallSaint Thomas Anglican Cemetery
Bonshaw Pioneer CemeteryKensington People's CemeteryRustico Pioneer CemeterySearletown Cemetery
Brackley Beach CemeteryKingsboro CemeterySacred Heart Roman Catholic CemeterySelkirk Pioneer Cemetery
Brae United CemeteryKingston United Church CemeterySaint Alban CemeterySherwood Cemetery
Breadalbane People's CemeteryKnutsford United Church CemeterySaint Alexis MissionShore Lane Pioneer Cemetery
Brookfield Presbyterian CemeteryLaunching Catholic Pioneer CemeterySaint Alexis Roman Catholic CemeterySouth Granville Presbyterian Cemetery
Brooklyn Church of Scotland CemeteryLinkletter CemeterySaint Alexis Roman Catholic CemeterySouth Lake Christian Church Cemetery
Brudenell Point CemeteryLittle Sands CemeterySaint Andrew Parish CemeterySouth Winsloe United Church Cemetery
Burnside Presbyterian CemeteryLong Creek Pioneer CemeterySaint Andrew Point Pioneer CemeterySpringfield West Baptist Cemetery
Caledonia Presbyterian Church CemeteryLong Creek Rd PioneerSaint Andrew Presbyterian CemeterySprington Cemetery
Campbellton United Presbyterian CemeteryLong Creek United Baptist CemeterySaint Andrew United Church CemeterySt Malachy (NOT!)
Canoe Cove Presbyterian CemeteryLorne Valley / Saint Andrew CemeterySaint Ann Roman Catholic CemeterySt. John's Anglican Cemetery
Cape Traverse Free Church Cemetery Lorne Valley CemeterySaint Ann's CemeteryStanhope Community Cemetery
Cape Traverse United Church CemeteryLot 14 / Birch Hill Presbyterian CemeterySaint Anne Roman Catholic Cemetery, EmyvaleStanley Bridge Cemetery
Cape Wolfe United CemeteryLot 14 / Birch Hill United Church CemeterySaint Anthony Roman Catholic and Pioneer CemeteryStella Maris Parish Cemetery
Cascumpec United Methodist CemeteryLot 16 Methodist CemeterySaint Augustine CemeterySturgeon United Baptist Cemetery
Cavendish Community CemeteryLot 16 United Church CemeterySaint Augustine CemeterySturgeon United Cemetery
Central Bedeque United Baptist Church CemeteryLower Bedeque CemeterySaint Bonaventure CemeterySuffolk Cemetery
Central United Church CemeteryLower Montague CemeterySaint Brigid Old Roman Catholic CemeterySummerfield Cemetery
Cherry Valley Anglican CemeteryMacArthur CemeterySaint Brigid Roman Catholic CemeteryThe Old Protestant Burying Ground/United Empire Loyalist Burial Site
Cherry Valley Memorial CemeteryMacMillan CemeterySaint Catherines Pioneer CemeteryThe People's Cemetery
Christ Church CemeteryMargate United Church CemeterySaint Charles Roman Catholic CemeteryThe Peoples Cemetery Mount Stewart
Church of the Nazarene CemeteryMarie CemeterySaint Columba Catholic CemeteryThe Shaw Cemetery
Churchill Presbyterian CemeteryMarshfield Community Cemetery Saint Cuthbert Roman Catholic CemeteryTignish Cemetery
Clifton CemeteryMarshfield Pioneer CemeterySaint David CemeteryTownsend Burial Plot
Clyde River Road Pioneer CemeteryMermaid Calvin Presbyterian CemeterySaint Dunstan BasilicaTryon Peoples Cemetery
Clyde River United Baptist CemeteryMidgell CemeterySaint Elizabeth Anglican CemeteryTyne Valley Presbyterian / Tyne Valley Pioneer Cemetery
Community and Pioneer CemeteryMilburn West United Church CemeterySaint Eugene Roman Catholic Church and CemeteryTyne Valley United Church Cemetery
Community Park CemeteryMilo Free Church of Scotland CemeterySaint Francis de Sales Catholic CemeteryUigg Baptist Cemetery
Cornwall United Church CemeteryMiminegash United Presbyterian CemeterySaint George Roman Catholic CemeteryUigg Pioneer Cemetery
Corpus Christi Catholic Church CemeteryMontrose CemeterySaint James Church CemeteryUnion Corner United Cemetery
Covehead Road CemeteryMount Herbert Memorial CemeterySaint James Roman Catholic CemeteryUnion Protestant Cemetery
Crapaud Peoples Cemetery Mount Royal People's CemeterySaint James Roman Catholic CemeteryUnion Road Cemetery aka Union Cemetery
Crossroads Christian Church CemeteryMount Saint Mary CemeterySaint Joachim Roman Catholic Church CemeteryUnion Road Community Cemetery
Dockendorff Pioneer CemeteryMt. Ryan CemeterySaint John Anglican CemeteryUnited Baptist Cemetery
Donaldston CemeteryMurray Harbour CemeterySaint John Presbyterian/Belfast Memorial CemeteryUnited Church of West Devon
Dunblane Presbyterian / West Point Presbyterian CemeteryMurray Harbour North New CemeterySaint John the Baptist CemeteryValleyfield
Dundas Community CemeteryMurray Harbour North Old CemeterySaint John The Evangelist Anglican CemeteryValleyfield Cemetery
Duplicate Record - St Mary of the People Roman CatholicMurray River CemeterySaint John's Anglican Church cemetery Vernon River 'United Church' Memorial Cemetery
East Wiltshire Baptist CemeteryMurray River Pioneer CemeterySaint Joseph CemeteryVictoria West Peoples / Presbyterian / United Cemetery
Eastern Road Stanhope CemeteryNew Dominion United Church CemeterySaint Lawrence O'Toole CemeteryWellington United Church, Lot 16
Elmsdale Church of the NazareneNew Glasgow CemeterySaint Louis Du Nord Catholic CemeteryWest Cape Presbyterian Pioneer Cemetery
Elmsdale United Church CemeteryNew London Protestant CemeterySaint Luke Anglican CemeteryWest Covehead Cemetery
Enman Family CemeteryNewson Pioneer CemeterySaint Malachy CemeteryWest Devon Baptist Cemetery
Enmore church of god Cem.North Bedeque CemeterySaint Margaret of Scotland CemeteryWest Saint Peter Cemetery
Fairview Baptist United CemeteryNorth Carleton Pioneer CemeterySaint Margaret of Scotland Pioneer CemeteryWestmoreland Baptist Church Cemetery
Floral Hills Memorial GardensNorth Granville CemeterySaint Mark AnglicanWheatley River United Church Cemetery
Fredericton CemeteryNorth Milton CemeterySaint Mark Anglican CemeteryWilmot Valley Cemetery
Freeland Presbyterian CemeteryNorth Tryon Presbyterian CemeterySaint Mark's Church CemeteryWinsloe North United Cemetery
Freeland United CemeteryNorth Wiltshire United Church CemeterySaint Martin/Saint Francis of Assissi Cemetery, CumberlandWood Islands Pioneer Cemetery
Freetown CemeteryNotre Dame De Mont Carmel CemeterySaint Mary Of The People Roman CatholicWood Islands Presbyterian Cemetery
Freetown People's CemeteryOld Cornerstone Baptist CemeterySaint Mary Roman Catholic CemeteryWoodlawn United & Methodist Cemetery
Geddie Memorial CemeteryOld Dock CemeterySaint Mary Roman Catholic CemeteryYankee Hill Pioneer Cemetery
Georgetown Baptist CemeteryOld Dundas Acorn CemeterySaint Mary Roman Catholic Cemetery, MontagueYork United Cemetery