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BillionGraves Cemeteries for Nova Scotia, Canada

Fourth Hill Cemetery North Noel Road CemeterySaint Luke Anglican Church Cemetery
French River CemeteryOak Grove CemeterySaint Luke Presbyterian Cemetery
Old Cemetery at Chebogue Town PoinFundy View CemeteryOak Grove CemeterySaint Luke\'s Anglican Cemetery
65 Main StGammon CemeteryOak Hill CemeterySaint Margaret Anglican Church
Abercrombie CemeteryGaspereau CemeteryOak Island (Maitland) CemeterySaint Margaret Church Anglican Parish of French Village
Admiral Rock CemeteryGate of Heaven CemeteryOakes Family CemeterySaint Mark Anglican Church Cemetery
Aenon Baptist CemeteryGays River CemeteryOakhill Cemetery Saint Mark Church Cemetery
All Saints Anglican Church CemeteryGeorgefield Road CemeteryOakhill Cemetery Saint Martin Catholic Church
All Saints CathedralGlen Bard CemeteryOakland Cemetery (Poplar Grove)Saint Martin Cemetery
All Saints Church CemeteryGoat Island Baptist Church CemeteryOakridge Memory GardensSaint Mary Bay Baptist Church Cemetery
All Saints First CemeteryGore CemeteryOld Acadian CemeterySaint Mary Cathedral Basilica
Allendale CemeteryGower Ruggles Family CemeteriesOld Barns CemeterySaint Mary Cemetery
Alma CemeteryGrace United Church CemeteryOld Beaver River Founders CemeterySaint Matthew Owl's Head
Amherst CemeteryGrand River Presbyterian CemeteryOld Blandford Baptist Church GraveyardSaint Matthew Presbyterian Church Cemetery
Anglican Church of St. GeorgeGrant Valley Cemetery Old Burying GroundSaint Michael and All Angels Anglican Cemetery
Anglican Church Of The NativityGreen Haven CemeteryOld Calavary CemeterySaint Ninian Cemetery
Arcadia Cemetery Greenfield CemeteryOld Cathothic Cemetery Yarmouth TownnSaint Patrick Cemetery
Arisaig CemeteryGreenfield Memorial CemeteryOld Clifton Cemetery Saint Patrick Church Cemetery
Atlantic Funeral Home - SackvilleGreenwood CemeteryOld Middle Stewiacke CemeterySaint Paul Anglican Church Cemetery
Avonview CemeteryGreenwood CemeteryOld Parish Burying GroundsSaint Paul Anglican Church Cemetery
Aylesford Union CemeteryHabitant CemeteryOld Saint Edward Church CemeterySaint Paul Cemetery
Balfron CemeteryHaliburton CemeteryOld Saint James Cemetery Saint Paul Cemetery
Baptist (Old) CemeteryHamilton's / Bellevue Extension CemeteryOld Schoolyard CemeterySaint Paul's Anglican Church Cemetery
Baptist CemeteryHampton CemeteryOnslow Cemetery Saint Paul's Roman Catholic (Old) Cemetery
Bay View United Church Cemetery Hardwood Hill Cemetary Osborne CemeterySaint Paul's Roman Catholic Cemetery New Section
Bayside CemeteryHardwood Hill CemeteryOur Lady of Calvary CemeterySaint Peter Anglican Cemetery
Bayswater SwissAir MemorialHardwood Hill Cemetery Co LtdOur Lady of Lourdes CemeterySaint Peter Anglican Church Cemetery
Bayview / Waldegrave / MacConnell CemeteryHardwood lands Cemetery Our Lady of Mount Carmel CemeterySaint Peter Anglican Church Cemetery
Bayview Anglican CemeteryHassett Cemetery Our Lady of SorrowsSaint Peter Catholic Cemetery
Bayview CemeteryHattie CemeteryOxford Pine Grove CemeterySaint Peter Cemetery
Beechville Baptist CemeteryHeatherdale Memorial GardensOyster Pond Baptist Cemetery Saint Stephen Ship Harbour
Beinn Bhreagh EstateHebrew CemeteryParker Burial GroundSaint Stephen's Anglican Church Cemetery
Belmont CemeteryHeritage Oak Columbarium And Memorial GardensParker Gilliatt CemeterySaint Teresa's Parish
Belmont CemeteryHigh Head CemeteryParker Mountain CemeterySaint Thomas Anglican Church Cemetery
Berwick CemeteryHilden Cemetery Pembroke Chapel CemeterySaint Thomas More Catholic Cemetery
Bethel Baptist church cemetaryHill Crest Memorial CemeteryPine Grove CemeterySalem Pioneer Cemetery
Bethel Presyterian CemeteryHill Grove United Baptist Church CemeteryPine Grove CemeterySand Hill Cemetery
Bethel United Baptist Church CemeteryHillcrest CemeteryPioneer CemeterySandy Hill Cemetery
Bible Hill CemeteryHillcrest CemeteryPioneer CemeteryScotch Village Community Cemetery
Billtown United Baptist Church CemeteryHillsburn CemeteryPioneer CemeterySeawall Cemetery
Black Brook CemeteryHillside CemeteryPioneer CemeterySelma Cemetery
Black River CemeteryHillside CemeteryPioneer Cemetery Seventh Day Advantist Cemetery, Halifax County, Nova Scotia Canada
Blandford Baptist CemeteryHillside Cemetery Pleasant Bay CemeterySeventh-day Adventist Church Cemetery
Bonnycastle CemeteryHillside Cemetery (Port George)Pleasant Hill CemeterySharr Shalom Cemetery
Boutilier CemeteryHilltop CemeteryPleasant Hill CemeteryShortt Family Cemetery
Bramber CemeteryHilltop CemeteryPleasant Hill CemeterySouth Maitland Cemetery
Brighton Anglican Church CemeteryHoly Cross CemeteryPleasant Plain CemeterySouth Maitland United Church Cemetery
Brookside CemeteryHoly Cross CemeteryPlympton Cemetery Springhill Hillside Cemetery
Brookside CemeteryHoly Cross CemeteryPointe à Major CemeterySt Gabriel Cemetery
Brookside CemeteryHoly Rosary CemeteryPoor House CemeterySt James Anglican Church Cemetery
Brule CemeteryHoly Trinity Anglican Cemetery Port Wade CemeterySt Michel Cemetery
Buchanan MemorialHoly Trinity Anglican Cemetery Preeper Hill CemeterySt Raphael Cemetary
Burgess CemeteryHoly Trinity Anglican Cemetery (Maitland)Rawdon Baptist Burying GroundSt. Anne's Cemetry
Burntcoat CemeteryHoly Trinity Anglican Church CemeteryRawdon Hills United Church Cemetery St. Eugenes Parish Cemetery
Calvary Union (United Church) Cemetery Hopewell CemeteryResurrection CemeterySt. Francis Of Assisi Cemetery
Cambridge CemeteryImmaculate Conception Cemetery River Dale CemeterySt. James Anglican Church
Camden Cemeteryimmaculate conception parish cemetery River Philip CemeterySt. James United Church Cemetery (Halifax)
Camp Hill CemeteryIrving CemeteryRiverbank CemeterySt. John's Anglican Church Cemetery
Campbellise CemeteryKaulback Street CemeteryRiverside Cemetary St. John's Cemetery and Columbarium
Canard Burial GROUNDKempt Shore Church CemeteryRiverside CemeterySt. Michael's Anglican Church Cemetery
Captain John Harris CemeteryKemptown/Riversdale United Church CemeteryRiverside CemeterySt. Patrick's Church Cemetery
Carleton CemeteryKemptville United Baptist Church CemeteryRiverside CemeteryStar of the Sea
Castle Hill CemeteryKennetcook CemeteryRiverside CemeteryStewartdale Cemetery
Central Haven Cemetery Kenzieville CemeteryRiverside CemeteryStoney Hill Cemetery
Centre Burlington Cemetery Knox CemeteryRiverside CemeteryStrandfriedhof / Beach Cemetery - Pioneer Cemetery
Centre Falmouth CemeteryLaffin Family CemeteryRiverside CemeterySunrise Park Inter-faith Cemetery
Centre Rawdon United Church CemeteryLake Side CemeteryRiverside United Church CemeterySwift Dakin Family Cemetery
Chapel Hill CemeteryLakeside CemeteryRiverton CemeteryTatamagouche Cemetery
Cheverie United Church CemeteryLakeview Cemetery (Centreville)Riverview CemeteryTennycape Cemetery
Chipman Corner CemeteryLakeview Cemetery (Lunenburg)Robert Putnam AnthonyThe Atlantic Cemetary
Christ Anglican Church CemeteryLaurel Hill CemeteryRockland CemeteryThe Falls Cemetery
Christ Church Anglican CemeteryLawrencetown Cemetery Rockley CemeteryThe McNab Family Cemetery
Christ Church CemeteryLiscomb Mills CemeteryRossway Baptist Church CemeteryThe Old Burying Ground
Christ Church CemeteryLitchfield and Delaps Cove CemeterySaint Agnes Parish CentreThe Presbyterian Church of Saint David
Christ Church Cemetery Little Harbour Pioneer CemeterySaint Andrew Anglican ChurchTruro Cemetery
Church Brook CemeteryLittle River United Baptist Church CemeterySaint Andrew Anglican Church CemeteryTufts Cove Cemetery
Church Grove CemeteryLiverpool United Baptist Cemetery CorpSaint Andrew CemeteryUnion Burial Ground Centreville
Church Of The Good Shepherd CemeteryLondonderry Catholic Church CemeterySaint Andrew Church CemeteryUnion Cemetery
Church Of The Holy Spirit CemeteryLone Pine CemeterySaint Andrew Parish CemeteryUnion Cemetery Of Culloden
Clementsport United Church CemeteryLorne Street CemeterySaint Andrew United Church CemeteryUnion Church Cemetery
Collingwood Wyvern CemeteryLower Caledonia CemeterySaint Ann CemeteryUnion Church Cemetery
Covenanter Church CemeteryLower Horton Cemetery Saint Anthony and Saint Augustine Catholic CemeteryUnion Square / Union Square Community Cemetery
Crapaud people's cemeteryLower LaHave CemeterySaint Barnabas Anglican Church Cemetery United Baptist Church Cemetery
Cross Roads Salmon River CemeteryLower New Cornwall CemeterySaint Barnabas CemeteryUnited Cemetery
Cruickshank CemeteryLower Pleasant Valley Cemetery Saint Bees CemeteryUnited Church Cemetery
Cumminger CemeteryLower Selma CemeterySaint Bernard Catholic ChurchUnited Church of Canada
Dall CemeteryLoyal Hill CemeterySaint Bernard Roman Catholic (New) CemeteryUpper Clyde Cemetery
Dartmouth CenotaphLydgate CemeterySaint Charles Nativity CemeteryValley Cemetery
Dartmouth Common CemeteryMac Road CemeterySaint Croix CemeteryVaughan Community Cemetery
Dartmouth Crematorium LimitedMacdonald CemeterySaint Croix United Church CemeteryVaughans United Church Cemetery
Dartmouth Memorial Gardens and Atlantic Funeral HomeMacKenzie CemeterySaint David CemeteryVictoria Beach Cemetery
Dartt-Nelson Cemetery MacLellan\'s Mountain CemeterySaint David Cemetery (Maitland)Waldec Community Cemetery
Davidson Street CemeteryMahon CemeterySaint David's AnglicanWallace Bay Cemetery
Dayspring Community CemeteryMain a Dieu Anglican CemeterySaint DenisWallace Cemetery
Dean Presbyterian CemeteryMalagash United Church CemeterySaint Denis Roman Catholic CemeteryWallace River Baptist Church Cemetery
Debert CemeteryMaple Vista CemeterySaint George / Saint George Presbyterian Church CemeteryWaterford Cemetery
Debert CemeteryMaple Wood CemeterySaint George Anglican Church CemeteryWatson Cemetery
Densmore Family CemeteryMarshdale CemeterySaint George Anglican Church CemeteryWaugh Cemetery
Doucetteville CemeteryMartins Point Cemetery Saint George Anglican Church Cemetery Weaver Settlement Cemetery
Duff Pioneer CemeteryMeaghers Grant CemeterySaint Ignatius Church CemeteryWentworth Cemetery
Duplicate Catholic Commision Cemeteries and Gate of Heaven CemeteryMelanson CemeterySaint James Anglican (Old) Cemetery - Fox PointWentworth United Baptist Church Cemetery
Durham CemeteryMelvern Square United Baptist Church CemeterySaint James Anglican Cemetery WEST BAY
East Ferry CemeteryMethodist CemeterySaint James Anglican ChurchWest Branch Cemetery
East Gore CemeteryMethodist CemeterySaint James Anglican ChurchWest Gore Cemetery
East Hants CemeteryMiddle West Pubnico Church CemeterySaint James Anglican Church - New Cemetery -Fox PointWest Paradise United Baptist Church Cemetery
Ebenezer CemeteryMilford CemeterySaint James Anglican Church Cemetery Western Shore Cemetery
Elm Grove CemeteryMilton CemeterySaint James Anglican Church Cemetery (New)Weymouth Church of Christ Cemetery
Elmsdale CemeteryMineville CemeterySaint James Anglican Church Cemetery (Old)White's Cemetery
Eskasoni CemeteryMoose Brook Cemetery Saint James Cemetery Whitman Cemetery
Evergreen CemeteryMortonville CemeterySaint James United Church Point Cemetery, Sheet HarbourWilliam Black Cemetery
Evergreen CemeteryMoslem CemeterySaint James United Church Spry BayWilliamsdale Cemetery
FairviewMount Denson CemeterySaint Jean de Baptiste Church CemeteryWillow Church Cemetery
Fairview CemeteryMount Hermon CemeterySaint John Church CemeteryWillowbank Cemetery
Fairview CemeteryMount Olivet CemeterySaint John Horton CemeteryWilmot Baptist Church Cemetery
Fairview Lawn CemeteryMount Pleasant CemeterySaint John the Baptist Anglican CemeteryWilmot Plains Cemetery
Fall River CemeteryMunicipality CemeterySaint John The Baptist Church CemeteryWilson Cemetery
Falmouth CemeteryMurrays Point CemeterySaint John The Evangelist CemeteryWindsor Forks Community Cemetery
Fancy\'s Point CemeteryNew Annan Bell Gift CemeterySaint John the Evangelist ChurchWood Side Cemetery
Fernwood Memorial ParkNew Cavalry CemeterySaint John the Evangelist Original Catholic CemeteryWoodburn Cemetery
First South CemeteryNew Middle Stewiacke CemeterySaint John United Church CemeteryWoodlawn Baptist Cemetery
Fisher Creek Cemetery Newport Landing Cemetery Saint Johns Anglican CemeteryWoodlawn Cemetery
Five Houses Pioneer CemeteryNictaux CemeterySaint Joseph / Holy Family CemeteryWoodlawn Cemetery
Five Mile River CemeteryNine Mile River CemeterySaint Joseph Catholic CemeteryWoodlawn Cemetery (Formerly Allen's Burial Ground)
Folly Village CemeteryNoel CemeterySaint Joseph Cemetery Woodville / Dimock Parker Cemetery
Forest Haven Memorial GardenNoel Road Cemetery Saint Joseph Church and CemeteryWright Cemetery
Forest Hill CemeteryNoel Shore CemeterySaint Joseph's Catholic CemeteryYarmouth Mountain Cemetery
Forest Lawn CrematoriumNorth Kingston Public CemeterySaint Louis CemeteryZion United Church Cemetery