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BillionGraves Cemeteries for Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

Adeyton United Church CemeteryCanning Family Burial GroundLong Pond United Church CemeterySaint John The Evangelist Anglican (Old) Cemetery
All Saints Anglican CemeteryCape Broyle (Old) CemeteryLookout United Church CemeterySaint John the Evangelist Anglican Cemetery
All Saints Anglican Cemetery (Old)Cape Freels United Church CemeteryL\'Anse-au-Claire Old CemeterySaint Joseph Church Cemetery
All Saints First Anglican CemeteryCarmanville United Church (New) CemeteryMount Calvary CemeterySaint Kevin Cemetery
All Saints Second Anglican CemeteryCat Hill\'s Salvation Army CemeteryMount Carmel CemeterySaint Mark Anglican Cemetery
Amherst Cove Anglican CemeteryChurch Hill Anglican CemeteryMount Loretta RC CemeterySaint Matthew's Church
Anglican Citadel Humber Salvation Army CemeteryMount Patricia CemeterySaint Michael Cemetery
Anglican (New) CemeteryClarenville CemeteryMount Pleasant CemeterySaint Michael Roman Catholic Cemetery
Anglican (New) CemeteryClarenville Methodist/United (Old) CemeteryOld Holy Trinity Parish CemeterySaint Nicholas Anglican Cemetery
Anglican (Old) CemeteryClarenville United Church (Old) CemeteryOlder GraveyardsSaint Patrick Roman Catholic Cemetery
Anglican (Old) CemeteryCoghlan United CemeteryOsmond Avenue Pentecostal CemeterySaint Paul Anglican (Old) Cemetery
Anglican (Old) CemeteryColinet Roman Catholic CemeteryOur Lady of Fatima CemeterySaint Paul Anglican Cemetery
Anglican and United Churchyard CemeteryCoombs Memorial CemeteryOur Lady of the Cape CemeterySaint Paul Anglican Church (church yard)
Anglican CemeteryCoughlan United Church / Old Methodist CemeteryO\'Donnell\'s (Old) CemeterySaint Paul Roman Catholic Cemetery
Anglican Old / Bragg\'s Lane CemeteryDermot McGettigan Memorial CemeteryO\'Driscoll\'s Lane Salvation Army CemeterySaint Peter Anglican Cemetery
Arnold\'s Cove CemeteryDunville Anglican CemeteryPark Street United CemeterySaint Peter Anglican Churchyard Cemetery
Assumption CemeteryDunville Roman Catholic CemeteryPetty Harbour Roman Catholic CemeterySaint Philip Anglican Cemetery
Baie Verte CemeteryFaith United Church CemeteryPilley\'s Island Methodist CemeterySaint Vincent Roman Catholic Cemetery
Bay Roberts Salvation Army CemeteryFirst Anglican CemeteryPoint Roche RC CemeterySalvation Army
Belvedere CemeteryFox Harbour RC CemeteryPool\'s Island Anglican CemeterySalvation Army Cemetery
Bethany United CemeteryGeneral Protestant Cemetery BoardPremier Drive United CemeterySalvation Army Cemetery
Bethel Pentecostal CemeteryGrace United Church CemeteryPresentation Anglican CemeterySecond Anglican Cemetery
Bishop\'s Cove Protestant CemeteryHarbour Grace Old Roman Catholic CemeteryRoman Catholic (New) CemeterySeventh Day Adventist Cemetery
Bishop\'s Falls CemeteryHigh Street CemeteryRoman Catholic (Old) CemeteryShip Harbour Cemetery
Bishop\'s Falls Roman Catholic CemeteryHighlands RC CemeteryRoman Catholic (Old) CemeterySouth Side Burial Ground / Ferryland RC Cemetery
Blackhead Old Methodist CemeteryHillside Haven Anglican CemeteryRoman Catholic CemeterySt. Agnes Cemetery
Blackhead RC CemeteryHoly Rosary CemeteryRoman Catholic Cemetery (Immaculate Conception Parish)St. Francis of Assisi Cemetery
Blundon\'s Point CemeteryHoly Trinity (New) CemeteryRose Blanche Cementary (Angilcan)St. Matthew's Church
Botwood Salvation Army CemeteryHoly Trinity (Old) CemeterySaint Alphonsus Roman Catholic CemeteryTopsail United (Methodist) Church Cemetery
Branch Roman Catholic (New) CemeteryHoly Trinity CemeterySaint Andrew Anglican (New) CemeteryTrail of the Caribou Memorial Park
Broad Cove United CemeteryHoly Trinity CemeterySaint Andrew CemeteryUnited Cemetery (New)
Bunyan\'s Cove Old United Church CemeteryHumber Road United Church CemeterySaint Barnabas Anglican CemeteryUnited Church Cemetery
Burnt Point (Old) CemeteryIsle aux Morts Anglican Cemetery (Church yard)Saint Boniface Anglican CemeteryUpper Gullies United Church Cemetery
Burnt Point Gospel Hall CemeteryIsle aux Morts Cemetery Saint James Anglican (Old) CemeteryValleyfield United Cemetery
Campbellton and Michaels Harbour CemeteryIsle aux Morts CemeterySaint James Anglican CemeteryVictoria Lawn Cemetery
Campbellton Pentecostal CemeteryJackson's Cove United CemeterySaint James Anglican Cemetery Barachois Hill, Port aux BasquesWhitbourne United Church Cemetery
Campbellton Salvation Army (New) CemeteryJubilee Pentecostal CemeterySaint John the Baptist Anglican Cathedral
Campbellton Salvation Army (Old) CemeteryLa Scie Salvation Army and United CemeterySaint John the Baptist Anglican Cemetery
Campbell\'s Creek CemeteryLong Pond Faith Pentecostal CemeterySaint John the Baptist Basilica-Cathedral