Jabez Williams

24 May 1875 - 1 Nov 1940

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Jabez Williams

24 May 1875 - 1 Nov 1940
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JABEZ WILLIAMS The information for Jabez Williams was obtained from the HISTORY OF EBENEZER ALBERT WILLIAMS AND FAMILY The diary of Vivian Olsen Williams And memories of Sid Harwood and Marva Williams Findlay This is meant to be used as a guide to understand the living conditions and personality of
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Informace o životě

Jabez Williams


Leavitt Cemetery

Range Road 265
Leavitt, Cardston, Alberta


August 3, 2012


August 2, 2012

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Jabez Williams

Přispěvatel: dgmurray Vytvořeno: 1 year před Aktualizováno: 1 year před

JABEZ WILLIAMS The information for Jabez Williams was obtained from the HISTORY OF EBENEZER ALBERT WILLIAMS AND FAMILY The diary of Vivian Olsen Williams And memories of Sid Harwood and Marva Williams Findlay This is meant to be used as a guide to understand the living conditions and personality of Jabez. As near as possible the information is correct but memories are not always reliable it should not be used as fact. NeWana Findlay Berry JABEZ WILLIAMS During the early years in Utah, Ebenezer Albert Williams married a second wife, on Oct 29 1864 he married Hannah Brandham. There were 6 children in the family. Mary, born 6 February 1866, Horace born 3 December 1867, Albert born 2 May 1870, Esther born 20 September 1872, Jabez born 24 May 1875, Mabel Clair born 21 June 1878. They lived in the home on the Mountain Road Farm, located 2 miles east of Kaysville, which the father Ebenezar had inherited from Hannah Ridden Bowering, his first wife Ada Evans grandmother. They were a happy family. Enjoying all the things pioneer children did and helping with the work on the farm. This joy was only for a short time. When Mabel Clair was born Hannah developed what was known as `Milk Leg'. She suffered greatly for the next 11 months and died 20 May 1879, at the age of 36 years. Leaving the little family ranging in age from 13 years to 11 months. Jabez had his 4th birthday 4 days after her death. After the mothers death the children were taken to the home of Ebenezars first wife, Ada Mazilla Evans Williams. The care of both families consisting of 14 children rested in her hands. Matilda, 6 Dec 1856, Elizabeth Hannah, 16 September 1858, Ebenezar Henry, 6 December 1860, Frances Ada, 27 October 1862. Here our families begin to interlock. Mary, born 6 February 1866, who died as a child, Thomas Edwin, 30 October 1866, Erminnie Willie 15 May 1867, Horace the following December, Orton Alvin 13 May 1869, Albert, in May 1870, Fredrick Bernard, 20 November 1871, Esther, Franklin, 19 September 1874, Jabez, Mabel Clair, and Elsa Victoria, 24 May 1881. Although the Williams family home bulged with children, it was peaceful and happy home. All the children found friendship and companionship and were content to live in perfect unity. The house they lived in was large, set on the corner of First North and First West. It might not have been large enough for the family who lived there, but it was large for the day in which it was built. It was built in the New England salt box style rectangular, with two stories and a second story front porch running the length of the house. Whether or not the porch was there when it was purchased, is not known. The floor plan was similar to other homes of that day. The living room and master bedroom were located across the front of the house. The kitchen and a large hall were at the back. A staircase ascended from the hall to three large bedrooms on the upper floor. Fireplaces provided the only heat in the house, and served as chimneys, when stoves were installed in later years. Fireplaces were in the living room, the kitchen and one of the bedrooms upstairs. A one room addition was added to the house as time passed. This addition was on the east side of the house. It was two stories high, and formed a fourth bedroom on the upper floor. On the ground floor of this addition was where Ebenezar started his mercantile business. The dining room was one of the most fascinating rooms in the house. To a small child it seemed large. The long, long table with sixteen chairs around it, and a large pot bellied stove at the end of the room were the only furnishings. No more than two of the chairs were alike. This showed, perhaps, that chairs were purchased only when they were needed as the family grew. In this room, the day started and ended. The family were gathered there before breakfast, as they were called to family prayer before starting the day. Again, in the evening, at Ebenezars bedtime, everyone in the house was called to join in thanks for the day just passed. The living room, with its beautiful fireplace and interesting things on the mantel. The windows were deep set and, in winter, flowers bloomed there. The furnishings were a mohair sofa and several chairs. Beautiful end tables of the same style as furnishings found in all well appointed homes of that day. Today, furniture of this type is found in historic homes and is cherished as valuable antiques. The corner what not in this room, held the most fascinating things. All of the treasures and mementos of the Bowering family were kept here. Some of them had been brought across the ocean and across the plains from Wales, where Ebenezar and Ada were born. Included were figurines, a silver tea set, a carved nutcracker. They had also brought the beautiful lamps that adorned the tables and mantel. Many parties were held here. Sleigh riding parties began and ended here. Not far from the back door we find one of the most exciting buildings on the estate, the cellar. The cellar was made of huge rocks, sealed so tightly that neither heat, frost nor moisture could penetrate it. On the top of the cellar was a granary. The granary was made of logs and chinked so tightly that the same conditions as the cellar prevailed. In these two places were stored all the food that was necessary to feed the large family. There were bins, barrels, and crocks to store the food in. The amount of food consumed by the family, three meals a day staggers the imagination. At the side of this building was the carriage house. The buggies and sleighs were stored here. Hanging on the back wall of this building were the gardening tools. At the back of this building was the coal and wood shed. Behind this building was the kitchen garden. Here was grown all the vegetables that could not be grown on the Mountain Road Farm. On the other side of the garden were the hen house and the outhouse. The outhouse was made of bricks and expertly hid by trees and shrubs. Ebenezar had been a gardener on the Bowering estate in Wales and loved to garden. This is probably where Jabez may have inherited his love of gardening. Just as his father had experimented in growing anything he thought would grow so did Jabez. When Jabez had his own home and started gardening he tried raising strawberries, raspberries, currants, rhubarb, as well as a great variety of vegetables. Always trying to beautify the grounds, with flowers. Which was much more difficult in Alberta, with the harsh winters and chinooks, than it had been in Utah. Across the road was the pasture where the animals were fed. The large barn with its huge double doors which opened onto First North was in this pasture. Like all good barns there were stalls for the horses and stanchions for the cows, with a hay loft in the top. The barn was kept in immaculate condition. The neighbors were never offend with the smell of the barnyard. East of the barn was the ice house. It was made of logs and faced the street, so it was convenient to fill. What wonderful ice cream they had during the summer using the ice that had been stored during the winter. WILLIAMS STORE The mercantile business out grew the room at home so it was moved to the corner of Main Street and First North. This became the Williams store. It was built of red brick, with the door in the center and two large windows on either side of the door. The store had only one room. Here father had his hardware business for many years. As the boys got old enough they helped run the store. Ada also made hats and sold them in the store. The first change to the store came when a second story was added. The lower floor then became a drugstore, with an ice cream parlor. These are the conditions Jabez grew up in. IMMIGRATION Between 1887 and 1892 he came to Canada. (We know of no record of the exact time). He took out the rights to a homestead (Vivian Olsen Williams says the homestead was just west of his brother Horace so it was possibly NE 3-3-26-4)He lived on his wife’s homestead and rented his to Ed Williams MARRIED LIFE: With Harriet Martha Dowdle Leavitt, a widow of the late Thomas Rowell Leavitt, he travelled to Salt Lake City to get married. On the eighth of October 1897 in Salt Lake Temple they were married but could not sealed as Harriet (Hattie as she was called) had been sealed previously to Mr. Leavitt. Hattie had been a widow for 6 years. Raising 3 living children Orpha 13 years old, George Clark 10 years old and John Amos 8 years old. Two other children had passed away Lydia born 20 March 1886 and passed away the same day, Clarissa born 2 December 1888 who also passed away the same day she was born. On the 16 April 1899 our first son Vernon D was born. This tiny son was a miracle. There was no way we could weigh this miniature human being. He was so small that he could be slipped into a baking powder can, the wedding ring of the midwife could be easily slipped to his shoulder. For the first 6 months of his life he was wrapped in cotton batten. The fighting spirit he had kept him alive. He was always tiny and had the nickname of Shorty. As a grown man was able to shop for his suits in the boys department. What he lacked in stature he made up for in determination. When he delivered gasoline to the farmers in 45 gallon drums, he would not let the farmer help him as they were more of a hinderance than a help. When his son Reece was born they tried to get the tiny bootees on him. It was impossible, yet his father had worn them when he was over 6 months old. When Vernon was 5 years old two more children were added to the family. Jabez Ira, 29 July 1904 and Marva 21 February 1906. FARM LIFE One of the first improvements made to the farm was to drill a well, the spot was picked and a well drilled. When they got down to where there was water they listened and could hear a noise like a river running. We decided to drill another hole just to the side of the one already drilled. A beautiful artesian well was found. The water was piped into a barrel and then outside to a trough and the cattle and horses always had fresh water. A well house was built over the well, sandstone covered the floor. Here the separator was kept. This was run with a gas engine. The milk and cream was kept in the covered barrel which the water ran through. It was always cold. CHURCH The Kaysville children were all baptized in the water trough belonging to John R. Barnes. Which was located little further down Main Street from the Williams store. It is very possible this is where Jabez was baptized. After his marriage and the birth of three children he went on a mission to the Southern States and served in Virginia. He was set apart for his mission 13, April 1909 by Apostle Hyrum M. Smith in Salt Lake City. He returned home 14 February 1910. This must have been a very trying time for Hattie. Running the farm and taking care of the children ranging in age from 10 years to 3 years. HARDSHIPS During the winter of 1919 there was no feed for our cattle. Some men from this district went north to Lac La Biche and Bon Accord to bale hay for feed. This was shipped by rail to Cardston. Marva, his daughter, tells of being there with her mother. She tells of travelling by train, which was so slow that the engineer would get out and checked his trap line. For three weeks they lived in a tent. The temperature often dropped to -58F. The men worked during the day baling hay. When they were finished they loaded the hay on sleighs to take to Athabasca Landing. Here it was loaded on flat cars to be shipped to Cardston. Another of the tragedies that our family had to endure was when our house, which was located east of the coulee near the well, burned down. Vern was burned very badly, we feared for his life for a time. Again we turn to Vivian Olsen Williams for information: On Sunday 17 of March 1924 a blizzard blew in. In those old homes we always had cats around to keep the mice down. We had oil cloth on the tables and cupboards and always a coal oil lamp with matches beside it to light it with when it was needed at night. At 3 A.M. we woke to a mass of flames. The fire had apparently been started by the lamp. The insurance investigation confirmed matches, mice, and oil cloth no doubt ignited the coal oil. We got out with just what we had slept in. Vern got outside and the snow was beating into his Pyjamas. He could see that the room we had slept in, on the east near the outside door, it seemed to be free of fire. He tried to save some of our clothes. When he went in the door shut behind him and he couldn't get out. He had to go back through the fire. When he came out his hair was on fire and his head, hands and face were burned. His back was scalded by his wet pyjamas. The men had tried to save the piano but they found that the outside door to that room was too narrow and it lodged in the door. All that was saved was a mattress and bedding and a box of socks, a box containing the legal papers and pictures, and what we had slept in. Ira and Laurel Findlay (who had stayed the night because of the storm) were able to grab their clothes. We found shelter in the garage. We were fortunate they had work clothes there. A pair of Verns' coveralls there. We got them on him, not knowing how badly he was burned. By this time Ira and Laurel had a team of horses hitched to the buggy. We were taken to Amos Leavitt (Jabez's half brothers) home about a half a mile away. Here he left his wife and Marva. He then went on to his brother Horace’s with Vern, Reece and I. Laurel and Ira stayed at the barn. I can't remember all the details. When we took the coveralls off Vern the skin just peeled off his hands and well up his arms. Aunt Clara used her oilcloth table covers to spread on her bed. What a sight. I will never forget it. His back and face (except under his chin) badly burned. He was chilling so bad. Someone suggested grinding raw potatoes and using them to support his arms and where he was burned. I don't know how long it took to relieve the pain and fire in the burns but we were finally able to discontinue the ground potatoes. Jabez drove to town to see the doctor. He prescribed putting vaseline on the burns. We would sterilize pieces of old sheets, spread the cotton with vaseline. We found this was keeping the burns too open. Then the doctor suggested making a paste of vaseline and boric acid powder. Each time we changed the bandages the wounds would weep and open up. The next thing the doctor suggested was to use sulphur in place of the boric acid. This helped to dry them up. I don't remember how long it was before we could bandage him so he could dress or even where we got clothes for him or any of the family. Jabez came daily to visit and help in any way he could. While Vernons burns were healing we started to build a new home. This time it was on the west side of the coulee. A grove of trees had been planted there and they offered protection to the house and garden. The soil was good as registered seed oats, barley and wheat had been grown there. The Leavitt ward had been getting logs to build a new church house. These along with the boards they had cut for the floor were donated to us. In the spring of 1924 we started to build a house of logs. There were two bed rooms and a living room along the north side of the house, along the south and a dining room, back entry with access to the basement, kitchen and another bed room with space provided for a bath room in the center of the west at the end of a long hall. A long hall ran the length of the house from east to west between the dining room and the living room there was an outside door. The rooms on the west side of the house were never finished. With the house on the west of the coulee a bridge had to be built for the car to cross. A small foot bridge was also built so there would be access to the barn as there was always water in the coulee. There was a rain barrel at the corner of the house to catch rain water. This was used to wash our hair and anything else that is better to be done in soft water. The water from the well was very hard. The garden was on the south side of the house. With trees holding the snow and there was a good drainage down past the garden. The garden was kept moist so plenty of vegetables and small fruits were raised there. There was an abundance of strawberries and raspberries. Jabez usually picked the fruit and the women did the canning. Marva got so tired of canning strawberries and raspberries that she would hardly eat them in her later life. There was always enough to share with neighbors and friends. Plentiful supplies of strawberries and cream for treats with visitors. SICKNESS AND DEATH OF HATTIE In April while in the cook car, which they lived in during the construction of the house, Hattie took sick. The doctor had previously treated her for gall bladder attacks. She had suffered from a bad heart for years which complicated the problem. This time when he examined her and tests were run the diagnosis was changed to cancer of the liver. As soon as possible they moved into the house to keep her comfortable. Bythe middle of June there was enough built to move into two rooms. Hattie was put in the large room on the south that had been planned as a dining room. For the next 8 months Hattie was bedridden. Marva sat with her most of the time. She would take her embroidery work and sit by the window doing her fancy work and to be near and to care for her mother. Hattie lived in misery the last months of her life. She passed away at 10 A.M. 19 October 1924, at the age of 61 years and is recorded as having died of Brights Disease. WORKING: Jabez spent his early childhood helping with the gardening and in the store. When he was married he always believed that when the meals were prepared on time it was the responsibility of the men folk to be there on time to eat. No matter what they were doing the were always in the house ready to sit at the table when the food was dished up for lunch. At 6 o'clock the men would have the horses unhooked and be in the house for supper. After they had eaten they would go out and do the milking and any other outside chores. In the fall of 1911 the weather made it impossible to get the crops in. The next spring they were cut with a binder. On 12 March 1912, Sid Harwood, an Englishman who had just come from England, came to the farm to work for a year. That fall they threshed for Bishop Smith and Jim Leavitt. The thresher was run by horse power. The horses were hitched to a wheel, and would walk around in a circle to thresh the grain. SECOND MARRIAGE Life was lonely after the death of Hattie and the family all married. He started courting a second Hattie, Hattie Sarah Moore. She had been left to care for a large family at the death of her mother. On 24 July 1929 they were married in the Alberta Temple. DEATH In October of 1941 Jabez took sick. For 4 days he suffered from a terrible headache. The Doctor thought it was an abscess in his ear. Being an independent person he would not go to the hospital. Then all at once he became unconscious and never spoke again. He was then admitted to the hospital. It would have been a terrible death if he had been conscious. The pus from the abscess in his ear had gone to his brain and spine causing nonepidemic spinal meningitis. Special doctors and nurses were called but nothing could be done. On 1 November 1940 Jabez passed away in the Cardston Municipal Hospital after a short illness. He is buried in the Leavitt cemetery. They had two children Wilma, born 1 March 1932, and Sherrel M. born 29 July 1935. They moved to Cardston about 1936. The home they enjoyed was down by the creek. With running water gardening could be continued. What a joy to be able to raise lawns and flowers along with vegetables and fruits. All the married family lived in Cardston and what a joy to visit with them. Marva's children used to come down to the creek, at the bottom of the lot to swim. They would always stop at the house and eat the heals of the bread which were always left in the bread box. CHARACTERISTICS Sometime during his life he used a flipper, consisting of two rubber bands attached to a forked branch, to shoot a rock into the air. He shot it so high that he lost sight of it. As he stood looking up the rock came down, and hit him in the center of his forehead. For the rest of his life he had a bump on his head where the stone had hit him. We do not know the exact time this happened but remember the story.] A very joyful time was had in 1937 when some of his family from Utah came to visit him. His nephew Carl Anderson and his wife Edna brought his sisters Esther (Etta) and Mabel and Ada's daughter Erminnie DEATH In October of 1941 Jabez took sick. For 4 days he suffered from a terrible headache. The Doctor thought it was an abscess in his ear. Being an independent person he would not go to the hospital. Then all at once he became unconscious and never spoke again. He was then admitted to the hospital. It would have been a terrible death if he had been conscious. The pus from the abscess in his ear had gone to his brain and spine causing nonepidemic spinal meningitis. Special doctors and nurses were called but nothing could be done. On 1 November 1940 Jabez passed away in the Cardston Municipal Hospital after a short illness. He is buried in the Leavitt cemetery. MISSIONARY DIARY OF JABEZ WILLIAMS This was copied from his missionary diary by NeWana Findlay Berry, who made no changes in the spelling or the punctuation.) Jurnal of the missionary labor of Elder Jabez Williams. Set apart for the Eastern States Mission April 13, 1909 by Apostle Hyrum M. Smith got on train at Kaysville about 7 Oclock pm on the fourteenth of April arrived at Omaha on the 16. and Chicag on the 17th and took part of the day sight seeing Visited the L.D.S. sunday school in the morning of the 18. and left Chicag at 2.30 pm arrived at Buffalo New York on the 19. took a trip down the Great Falls and went back to Buffalo that night and left there for New York at about 8 pm arrived in Jersey City New Jersey April 20. took a ferry boat across the Hudson River to New York went to the Mission headquarters and got our appointments stayed in New York untill 5.30 pm of the 21. took the Steamer called Commonwealth for Boston Mass. arrived in Boston on the 22. and went with the other Elders to hold street meeting April 23. April 23 it rained all day April 24 went out to Malden and visited with Elders out there and then visited the Navy yards and Bunker hill Monument house of Paul Revere and other parts of the city and attended street meeting and was called to speak April 25 Sunday went to Sunday School and Sacrament meeting was called to speak in meeting held a open air meeting in the evening April 26 Had preastood meeting in morning and was asined to labor in the city of Worcester Mass. with five other Elders that came out at the same time I did all new hands and going to a new town to start to preaching the gospel was to start on wensday. April 27 Put in most of the day in room studing went out tracting with Elder Marley a while in the afternoon April 28 had prayers and class meeting with the Elders in Boston and then went out to Worcester and rented rooms so we could start to work. April 29 spent most of the day out looking over the town of Worcester and getting located so we could go out without getting lost. April 30 attended to class in the morning but it rained so hard we could not get out to do anything in the way of tracting May 1 Had class exercise in the forenoon and then went to the free Public Libry in the afternoon was raining hard all day May 2 Sunday held class meeting in the morning then took a walk out in the country came back and held meeting it was fast day so we had testimoney meeting every one present bore a strong testimoney after which we went and got our dinner and then returned to our rooms and studied. May 3 attended class meeting in the morning and then went out tracting gave away 12 tracts and had a nice time May 4 had class exercise in the morning then went tracting came back and got dinner then went out again in the afternoon President Gerrard came and visited with us a little while in the evening and then he went on to Providance Rhode Island May 5 Went out tracting for a while and studed some Elder Squires took sick and got us all excited went out and got a lunch at nine O clock at night May 6 Went and got some buttons and sowed them on my coat and vest went up town at night and heard a niggar preaching on church street May 7 Had class exercise in the morning and then went out tracting got the door shut in my face a few times and didnt have very good luck with tracts but had some good conversations May 8 Saturday did not do much recration day had a bath washed sock and darned them and studied some. May 9 Sunday held our regular class exercise and wrote two letters May 10 Held our regular class exercise and went out tracting and in the evening went out to Elm Park got back and had supper then got a teligram to go to New York next morning May 11 Left Worcester at eight forty in the morning for New York got there abut 2 in the afternoon met W. H. Steed at the office and went out with the elders that were working in the city and held two street meetings. May 12 Went to the office and waited for Bro. Frank Leavitt came which was about noon stayed around there untill about four in the afternoon and took the train for Huntington West Va. May 13 On train all night arrived at Huntington at about fifteen minutes after one put in the afternoon resting. and visiting other elders May 14 Rest May 15 " May 16 Attended Confrance President Ben E Rich was the princible speaker in the day and President Leavitt in the evening had a very good meeting May 17 Held Prestood meeting at eleven Oclock was appointed to labor with elder Joseph H. Swapp as companion May 18 Just put in the day in Huntington resting May 19 Left Huntington about four Oclock in the after noon to try traveling with out purse or script rode out to Wyondott on the street car and then started afoot to J. W. Jones 3 1/2 miles May 20 Walked about ten miles rained part of the day was refused entertainment four times then got in at Mr. Winn's at Milton May 21 Walked and tracted all day untill we got to Mr Jake Smith and stayed with him all night May 22 Walked from Smith's down to Mr Kingeries and had dinner went down the creek 2 miles to see a ball game in the afternoon stayed at Mr. Kingeries for the night. May 23 Held meeting at 11 in the morning and at 2 in the afternoon then baptised three young men after meeting Elder Swapp performing the Baptism serimonie and Elders Dillie, Swapp and Sornsen confirming the same and then elder Dillie blessed a baby of Jake Smiths after which I blessed a baby of John Kingeries 24 Waited at Abner Kingeryes untill 3 P.M. for our mail and then walked up to Frank Kingerys and stayed there for the night May 25 Walked up to Jake Smiths in the morning and it started to rain and rained all day so we stayed there all night. May 26 Started from Smiths in the morning and walked through mud all day and delivered tracts and preached to the people stayed with a man by the name of Wm Rowsey and was treated fine May 27 Walked all day tracting and explaining the gospel to the people stayed at Mr. Reces May 28 Walked from Solon Reces to Mr. Kingerys and visited all the houses on the road May 29 Walked back two miles where we had came the day before I got my pen I had left it where we were resting the day before. then went to the ball game in the afternoon May 30 Sunday went to cemitary to see the people decorate graves and heard minister preach a furnial sermon at Mr Greens May 31 Left Mr. Abner Kingerys and walked over to his sons Jaspers a distance of about six miles June 1 Visited around among the people all day and stayed at Mr Kings for the night June 2 Went down to Cloden and Lees Creek to Mr Jasper Kingerys for the night June 3 Rained nearly all day picked cherries in the afternoon at Jasper Kingerys June 4 Walked from Jasper Kingerys to J. R. Hedrick June 5 Walked from Hedricks to Marcus Angles at Scary June 6 Rested June 7 from Angles to Mr Wolfords at Lewis he was a member of the church came from Kentucky June 8 from Mr Wolfords to Mr W. S. Miles Elder Swapp had to talk hard to get stay it rained all night June 9 Walked to Mr. John Angles he is a member of our church June 10 rained all day June 11 Walked to Lewis had dinner at Mr Woolfords and the went to Mr. Marcus Angles June 12 Rest June 13 Rest June 14 Went up to Charlston and visited the state Capital allso the Annex and saw some old relicks that had been found that go to prove the truthfullness of the book of mormon. and then went up to two mile where we were going to have confrance June 15 fixed up a bowery to hold meeting in and then cleaned our cloths and pressed them Elder Swapp pressed my pants and Elder Sornsen pressed my coat June 16 Held Confrance there was in Attendince Secitary of Mission Elder Dinwoodey and Pres. Leavitt besides six traveling elders June 17 Came back to Charlston and Visited with some members June 18 Walked from Charlston to Dunbar and stayed with a member of the church by the name of Nathan Guthrie June 19 Went to St Albans and stayed at Mr Hacker held a cottage meeting an was called upon to speak and had a very good time only family present I allso visited the poor Farm at Institute the maniger showed us through the building and then we had a chat with him June 20 Held two meetings at Mr. Hackers at St Albans visited at St Paul Church at night and heard a negro preach June 21 Rest June 22 Walked from St Albans to Scary and visited Marcus Angles June 23 Walked to hurricane and Visited Mr Jasper Kingery 24 Took train at Hurricane and came to Huntington to prepare to go to Cincinnatti Ohio with my companion to visit his brother June 25 Left Huntington for Cincinnati Ohio at 11.30 and arrived at Cincinnati at about four in the morning of the 26 and put the day in visiting with Elders and looking over the town June 27 Sunday went to Sunday School with the Elders and in the afternoon I went down to the river and there was some negros preaching on the street so I stoped and listened a while the people were nearly all negroes and went to a Sacrement meeting at night with Elders and was called upon to seak for a short time by Elder Mell Swapp June 28 Rest June 29 Went out to the Zooligacle garden and saw all kind of wild animals and fouls and then in the I went and walked across the Ohio river on the big extenson bridge to the town of New Port Kentuckey June 30 Rested most of the day and went up to Sister Kisters in the evening and had supper and then spent the evening visiting and having ice cream and banas July 1 Went to Chester park and my companion and his brother went in bathing and I stroled around and took in the sights in the evening we went to the hall and had singing practice July 2 Spent most of the day in study and went to sister Harbacks and spent the evening July 3 Spent the fore part of the day in room and went out to Fort Thomas Kentuckey in the afternoon and had a good time July 4 Went to sunday school in the morning and then went to Sister Harbrecht and had supper then went to meeting in the evening held testimony meeting most all bore their testimoney two young ladies that were not members spoke for a short time July 5 Met with the members of the Cincinnati branch and went out to a friends place by the name of Wavess and had a very enjoyable time the ladies took plenty of picnic and we played some games sang songs it comenced to rain in the middle of the afternoon July 6 Rained all day July 7 Rested and studied July 8 Rest and study untill 5.45 PM then took the steamer Tacoma for Huntington West Va. was on the boat all night July 9 On boat all day arrived at Huntington at 9.45 PM at night July 10 Rested and studied untill in the evening then we visited the Carnival and saw a man dive one hundred and two feet July 11 Went to sunday school in the morning and meeting in the afternoon and was called upon to speak attended meeting at night July 12 Went down and visited Sister Halcum and had dinner with her then returned to town and wrote a letter July 13 Left Huntington on train for Hurricane and then walked out to Bro Kingerys and stayed with them that night July 14 Rested " 15 Rested and studied July 16 Rested " 17 Went down to Charley Forths and stayed we had been staying at Brother Abner Kingrys July 18 Sunday we held meeting in the church and I tried to speak myself and Elder Swapp kept them for one hour he doing most of the speaking J 19 Waited at Kingerys till 2.30 and got our mail and then walked up to Jake Smiths and stayed there all night July 20 Walked from Mr. Smiths to Mr G. E. Glenns and tracted all the houses on the way Stayed at Mr Glenns for the night and heard som music on the violin by his brother he told us some of his expearince in the was this Elder Swapps birthday July 21 We walked from Glenns to the town of Buffalo and delivered tracts at all the places between ask eight times for entertainment and was refused every time and it got so late that we had to go to a hotel we never had any dinner nor supper July 22 Left Buffalo and traveled to a mans place by the name of P. G. Yolas a distance of about nine miles and had some very good conversations along the way July 23 Started towards Liberty Elder Swapp had a warm debate with some fellows that did not belive in baptism I was refused a tract and we enjoyed our selves that day stayed with a man by the name of W. A. Martin for the night July 24 Tracted along till we got to Liberty then we got our mail and went to Mr Fellure and stayed for the night July 25 Rested while elder Swapp and Mr Fellure went to meeting there was a new preacher starting up I dont know what denomanation he represented July 26 went from Mr Fellures to Mr Sidney Reeds he was not home that night so we waited untill morning he came home so we stayed there all that day 27 Rested 28 Went as far as Mrs Workmans and stayed with them that night 30 We walked about ten miles went with out our dinner and supper and layed out in a old house that had some wheat sheaves in it that night July 31 Went as far as Liberty and got some salmon and crackers and waited untill about six oclock and got our mail and then went over to Bro Fellures and after having some supper we held a cottage meeting with them there was not many present but we had a good meeting and the spiarit of the Lord was there August 1 was Sunday and it rained in the forenoon so we just rested for the day Aug 2 went down on frogs creek and stayed with a man by the name of Billie Asberry who used to be a member but he had apostised and went to preaching a doctering of his own we went to a meeting that night and heard a preacher that spoke in a school house near by Aug 3 went as far as Geo Cunningham and stayed with them for the night Aug 4 walked about fifteen miles and stayed at Marcus Angles Aug 5 Rested Aug 6 walked from Scary to Jasper Kingerys at Hurricane and tracked nearly all the houses along the road Aug 7 went over to Bro Kingerys and got our mail Aug 8 Sunday we rested Aug 9 Rest Aug 10 Rest Aug 11 Built a bowery to hold our confrance in and Elder Swapp went to Huntington Aug 12 Rested Aug 13 Finished the bowery and Pres. Frank Leavitt came to attend our confrance Aug 14 Went down and played a game of ball in the morning and then we held a meeting in the afternoon Elders Swapp, Dillie and Johnson being the speakers 15 Sunday being the conclusion of our confrance held two meetings but is was so stormy the people never turned out very good myself Elders Russell Batman and President Leavitt being the speakers 16 Waited at Bro Abner untill mail time and then we went over to Bro Jasper Kingerys and Elder Swapps Bro came to see him and we held a open air meeting that night in the dooryard 17 Visited at Kingerys untill noon and then we went to Hurricane and to the train for Huntington 18 in the city of Huntington 19 " " " " " 20 Took the 3.15 train for Midkiff and walked from there to Sister Adkins a distance of about ten miles and had to wade the creek a good miney times. 21 Attended Confrance at big Laurel there was present Elders Leavitt, Batman, Johnson Russel Conrad Dillie Koffard Harris 22 Attended confrance again and at the close of the confrance we had a prestood meeting and some changes were made and I was assigned to labor with Elder Dillie while Elder Dillie and I were going to the afternoon meeting we were called into a home to bless a baby Aug 23 Rested at Elisabeth Adkins Aug 24 Went down to Ambrose Adkins and Elder Dillie got some leather and fixed his shoes and then we started out for our field of labor went through the great oil field near Griffithsvill and found a young women that was a member at a place called Amy and we stayed there all night her husband was away but his cousin and brother was there and they treated us very nice 25 Started for Bro John Angles and on the way we stoped to see a well shot off that had been drilled between twenty two and twenty three hundred feet 26 Rest 27 Walked to Bro Marcus Angle 28 Rest 29 Rest 30 Rest untill the middle of the afternoon expecting to of gone to St Albans but changed our mind 31 Left Bro M. Angles and went to Talcoulin and had dinner at Bro Woolfords and then they persuaded us to stay all night Sept 1 Stayed at Woolfords all day and in the evening we baptised their two daughters Elder Dillie peforming the ordinance and then we came back to the house and held a sacrament meeting and confirmed them members of the church elder Dille being mouth for one and myself the other the one I confirmed was Born June 9 1894 at Carter Co. Kent Fathers name Michal G. Woolford Mothers maiden name Georgiana Grizzell Sept 2 Went up to St Albans and visited Hackers family Sept 2 Rested Sept 3 went back to sister Woolford and explained the gospel to them 4 Rest 5 Rest 6 took the morning train and went to Charlston and I got mail only one letter from home 7 left Charlston and went up to a place called Mucklow where there was some members 8 visited around among the members 9 Rest 10 went up town in the evening and tried to get a hall to hold meeting in but was not successfull 11th Went down to the place where we had left our grips and fixed our reports and wrote some letters 12 Sunday. We held a Sacrament meeting in the fore noon at Bro Henry Veley and a cottage meeting in the afternoon at John Garrel and then went up to William Perdow and held another meeting at night Sept 13 Came from Mucklow to Mr Foster and had supper and piched horse shoes untill dark and then went up to Bro Isam Vealey and stayed that night 14 rested 15 Walked over to Bro Bester Massey and stayed there for the night 16 Rested. Went in coal mine at night 17 Went to Bro R. W. Lucas and found the house locked and after a while we got in and went to work getting some dinner he was to work in the coal mine he is a batchlor and he came out about the middle of the afternoon and we chatted with him the rest of the day 18 Got up and got our breakfast and then done up the dishes and got some water put on to hot then we washed our garments and got some corn and beans and put them on to cook for dinner 19 Sunday we went over to Bro Geo Carror and visited with them and held a meeting with them at night Bro Caws and Bro Lucas myself and Elder Dille all spoke a short time and allso sister Caws bore her testimoney Sept 20 came back to Bro Lucas and went in the mine with him after night and saw him blast some coal and we helped him load a car of slack 21 we had aonther wash day our garments we dirty from going in the mine 22 Our cloths didnt get dry the day before so we had to put them out and finish drying them and then we went down the road as far a Mr Weavers and stayed there that night 23 We helped Weavers folks make some apple butter and then went on to Bro Albert Carrs and stayed there with them he went to the coal mine the next morning 24 went around the hollar from Albert Carr to Geo Car and done some tracting as we went. 25 We had a meeting appointed at a school house near Mr J. M. Eskins so we came over and went up to the school house and held a meeting but there was not a very large crowd present 26 Sunday we held two meetings Elder Dille doing most of the speaking while we wear dinner we that is Elder Dille and myself were ask to bless a baby I being mouth its name is Bergel Eskins father name J. M. Erkins Mothers maiden name was Josephean Carr Born Sept 8 1909 Blessed Sept 26, 1909 at Ohley Kanawha Co Blessed by myself 27 Came back to Bro Carrs and stayed with them for the night 28 We went up on the hill and helped pull some corn got a sled load and I came own the hill with bro Carr and helped him unload and then I went down the creek and found a place where I could dam the water up so I could baptise bro Thomas Carr wife and that was our forenoon work and in the afternoon after the water got up enough we took her down and baptized her I doing the deed her name is Rhodie Angiline Carr P.O. address Winifrede Kanawha Co Father name Thorntan Buzzard Mothers Maiden name Lucreary Cemintine Hickenbottom Baptized sep 28 1909 at Jose Creek Boon Co by Elder Jabez Williams confirmed by Geo H Dille South west Va confrance held a meeting before the baptizing and one after and confirmed her a member of the church in the evening meeting Sept 29 Went from Bro Carr's over to Bro R. W. Lucas 30 Washed our cloths and had a bath Oct 1 Got word to go to Hollies grove as there was a boy belonging to Bro Jerrett that was sick and they had sent word for Elder Leavitt to come but he was unable to go so they sent us word to go over so we went as far as Vester Massys and stayed there for the night Oct 2 went to Winifrede and took the train and went to Hollies grove and administered to the sick boy and then Elder Dille fixed his shoes then we walked on down the track a few miles and took the train and came to St Albans and stayed with Bro Hacker that night Oct 3 Walked from St Albans to Scary to Bro Angles and stayed with them Oct 4 Rested and watched them make molasses Oct 5 Rest Oct 6 Rest Oct 7 Come up to Volcoulin to Bro Woolfords and stayed with them Oct 8 We met Sister Woolfords sister who had came to see them she had been at the hospitable was striken with flurablisis and had no use of one arm and not much of her left side at all and she wanted us to administer to her but we were without oil so we told her we would get some in the morning and then do it so she said that would do Oct 9 Elder Dille went to St Albans and got some oil and then we administered to the sick lady and talked with her for a long time and she requested us to baptize her her home was in Kentucky but we thought it would be all right for us to baptize her so we did so on Saturday evening and then we held a sacrement meeting at night and confirmed her a member of the Church 10 Rest 11 Went to St Albans and stayed at Bro Hackers 12 Rest 13 Took the boat and went to Charlston and met Elders Leavitt, Johnson, Batman and Conrad Elder Dille and went and stayed at Bro Baileys 14 My self and Elder Dille went to the Kelley a factory and went through and saw how they made axes and syths came back and had dinner then went up town and after getting my hair cut we all four took the train for Winifrede and stayed at Bro Vester Masseys 15 Went over to Bro Albert Carr and stayed with them for the night 16 Rested 17 Sunday came back to Winifrede and went up on the hill to a funeral in the morning then held a meeting at the New West school house in the afternoon 18 Elder Dille and I went over to Bro Geo Cars 19 Came back to Vester Masseys and learned that Elder Leavitt had made arrangements to have a disscussion with a Camblite Preacher so we went with them to the Post Office and then to the meeting which was held in the Opra house 20 rested and study went to debate at night 21 Rest 22 Rest 23 Went to Winfred got our mail and then went to the winding up meeting of the discussion between a man by the name of F. F. Kirkman and President Leavitt 24 had the tooth ache all day and the night before was at Sylvester Masseys Elders Leavitt and Johnson went to Huntington they had to walk to the Junction 25 Elder Dille and had a bath and started out in the country got as far as R. W. Lucas and stayed with him over night 26 Went down to a place on the coal river to where there was two women that were members one was Mrs Toney and the other was Mrs_____ 27 Came back to Bro Lucases and stayed with him over night 28 Went to Winifrede and got our mail 29 Went to coalburgh and inquired for some members that we heard lived there but couldnt find them so we went to Hollies grove and stayed at Bro Jerretts went out to a meeting at night 30 We went from Holleys Grove up to Mucklow and visited Bro William Perdew and went to the office but our mail wasnt there so we went back to Holleys Grove and went to a meeting Oct 31 Rested and went to meeting at night Nov 1 Went to Mucklow and got our mail and visited with the saints there Nov 2 Rested and studied a little Nov 3 We left Hollies grove and walked to coalburg took the train and rode to Chebyn and then walked up Slaughters Creek and tracted some houses and stayed at Bro Isams Vealeys that night Nov 4 Walked from Isams Vealeys over to Winfrede Nov 5 Went down to the post office and got some tracts and then we went tracting in the afternoon and stayed at Sylvester Masseys at night Nov 6 Continued tracting at the lower end of Winifrede gave away 20 tracts and had some good gospel conversations Nov 7 Sunday we fasted untill about three o clock but didnt hold any meetings Nov 8 We finished tracting at Winifrede and stayed at Daniel Vealys at night Nov 9 it rained all day so we stayed at Vesters Masseys Nov 10 Left Winifrede and went over to Joes Creek and stayed at Bro Geo Carrs 11 Stayed at Bro Carrs untill after dinner and saw them split boards and then we left and went over to Monro Eskins and stayed there for the night Nov 12 We left Eskins and went over to Little White oak and visited a women that belonged to our church and stayed at Noey Fosters Nov 13 Went up coal river met a man that had belonged to the church but had turned to an infidal his name was Vest Pack and we had supper with them and then went to Mrs Coons and stayed for the night 14 Went up to coal river station and found Bro Coon there so we spent the day with him and stayed at another mans place 15 Elder Dille and myself held a meeting in a school house had a prety good crowd 16 Left coal river and went to Kayford walked through a tunnell about a mile long to save climbing the hill 17 Rested at Kayford 18 The weather was quite cold and it snowed a little in the forenoon and in the afternoon Elder Dille and I Baptised a young lady that was staying at Bro Dyer's her name was Minnie Wilson P O address Kayford Kanawha Co. Born Oct 11 1892 at Willard Carter Co. Ky father name Morgan Wilson Mothers maiden name Hattie Patten Baptized Nov 18 1909 at Kayford Baptized by Elder Jabez Williams Confirmed by Elder Geo H. Dille Confrance South West. Va We held a sacrament meeting in the evening and confirmed her a member of the church Nov 19 Went down to Acme and visited a man by the name of Duck Massey he belongs to the church but his family dont Nov 20 went back to Kayford and got our mail and visited with the Dyers Nov 21 Sunday rested. Nov 22 Went down to Ohley and found a friend there by the name of Charles Stump and we hadent been there long when some young men came there and wanted to know if we wanted to preach and we told them we did and they said they would get us a hall and light it up for us so we thanked them and they went and got the hall and lit it up and there was a good crowd came out and we had a good meeting Nov 23 Walked from there to Cabin Creek Junction and took the train for Charleston and went and stayed at Sister Baileys 24 Stayed at Sister Baileys and pressed our cloths and then we took a walk up town and bought us each a coat Sweater and then stayed at Baileys 25 Went down to Wrights and got our mail and read it and went in an visited Sister Atkinson and stayed there for night 26 There was Elders Conrad and Batman at Wrights so the four of us went up town and went to see a man that Elders Batman & Dille got aquainted with last winter and he took us to dinner with him then we all came back to Baileys and had supper then went down to Wrights and had a candy pulling. 27 Elder Dille and I walked to South Carleston and went to the glass factory but it was closed down and was not doing anything so we went on over to the Depot and took the train and went to St Albans and stayed at Hackers 28 Sunday Elder Dille baptized a girl of Hackers that was just past eight years old and after holding a sacrement meeting and confirming her a member I being mouth we went to Scary and stayed at Angles 29 Rested and visited with Bro Angles 30 Rested Dec 1 Rest Dec 2 We got up early and got our breakfast and walked to Scott and took the 7.35 train and rode to Hurricane and then we walked out to Charley Forths a distance of six miles Dec 3 Rested and visited with saints and made some hammer handles D 4 Elder Dille and I went up to Bro Frank Kingerys and stayed with them all night D5 Came back as far as Bro John Kingerys and our mail came so we spent sometime reading letters Dec 4 he was killing pigs so we stayed and watched them and stayed with them the night I got the above one day ahead of time as Sunday was fifth and we left there on the fifth and walked to Hurricane and stayed at Jerden Ervins Dec 6 Took the morning train for Huntington and spent the day visiting and getting acuainted with the new elders Dec 7 Rested and got cleaned up a little Dec 8 Elder Dille and I went out in the country and visited Bro & Sister Kingery as they had mooved down from Hurricane we stayed with them for the night Dec 9 We came back to the city of Huntington and on our way we visited a yard where they were making shingles out of mud and burning them the same as brick then we went over and visited the Pottery and saw how they made chinaware we each got a souveneer Dec 10 Elder Dille, Webb, and myself went down and visited the glass plant and saw how they blowed glass and they gave us each a little glass for a souvenere then we held a presthood meeting at night and Presedient Rich was there Elders Leavitt, Dille and Russell were released to go home and we were pared off for the winter I was given a new companion by the name of Christensen he was a new Elder in the field. Pres. Rich gave some very good instructions after Elder Leavitt spoke a short time the meeting was agourned Dec 11 The Elders were all getting ready to go to their different fields of labor in Huntington for the time being I didnt have much to do in that line some of the Elders and the President went out to Logan in the vening train Dec 12 Sunday held sunday school in the afternoon and a meeting at night in the hall Elder Grantham was the speaker at the night meeting Dec 13 We learned that the Presidents would be back and hold a meeting in the hall in the afternoon so I went out to Bro. and Sister Kingerys to tell them and I couldnt find them in time so they could get ready in time as they were not at home so they couldnt come but we had a very good meeting after which the Presidents and some more of the elders went to Charleston where they were going to hold an other confrence the next day Dec 14 Rested and studied a little Dec 15 Rest Dec 16 Cold weather dident do anything but study Dec 17 Still cold nothing doining Dec 18 Still cold weather so I sent off some Xmas card and wrote a few letters and studie some Dec 19 I got up early and went to the station with Elder Leavitt and saw him off for home and then came back to my room and studied a while we held sunday school at 2 o clock and meeting at night I presided 20 Weather pretty cold some of the Elders went tracting but they couldnt find meny people at home 21 Still cold President Duffin and Swapp thought it best not try to do any tracting untill after holidays 22 Still cold weather never done anything but studying and some writing 23 Studied and stayed at our room most of the day 24 Rested & Studied 25 Christmas day Received through the mail P.O. order for eleven twenty five $11.25 as a Xmas gift from the Leavitt ward had breakfast then went back to our room there was four Elders rooming togather namely Elder Swapp Christensen Briggs and my self Sister Halcomb fixed us a pretty good dinner but we never went anywhere Elder Swapps brother came to spend Xmas with him he came from Florida and brought us a suit case full of oranges so we ate Oranges nearly all day 26 Sunday held Sunday school at 2 P.M. had a good time discusing the lesson there was a strange lady there and she ask some questions and seemed to be interested in the gospel then we held a meeting at night and we all had a turn preaching after which we went to our rooms 27 still cold weather so we stayed pretty close to the fire and talked and studied 28 rest and study 29 Nothing doing 30 " " 31 Stayed at room most all day some of the Elders went to show at night I stayed in house Jan 1 1910 New Years day went off very quiet with me Sister Halcomb got us a pretty good New Years dinner come to think we stayed up New Years eve and had a lunch we were all sitting at the table eating the old year out and the new one in after which we sang a few hymns and went to bed Jan 2 Sunday Fast day had sunday school in the afternoon and meeting at night the evening meeting was testimony meeting and we had a good time togather Jan 3 Elder Swapps brother left for Utah nothing peticular going on that day Jan 4 I was thinking I was to go to Bluefield but had a talk with Pres Duffin and he thought I had better stay here Jan 5 Raining so we just stayed in room and studied Jan 6 Was a cold miserable day snow and sleet falling all day Jan 7 Cold and stormy so we never went out tracting Jan 8 Saturday some Elders from Kentucky left a card in the Post Office which said they would like to meet us and get acuainted so we went over there at the set time and there was only one of them came his name was Jones so we spent the afternoon with him Jan 9 Sunday held sunday school and meeting but there wasent meny present Jan 10 Monday held our class in the morning and went out tracting in the afternoon but dident have very good success distributed some tracts but never had meny conversations Jan 11 Went out tracting but dident have very good luck people dident seem to have time to talk about the Gospel Jan 12 had a little better luck while out tracting as I had several good conversations Jan 13 Rained awful hard all day so we never went out tracting but we went up to the east end of town with the intentions of having a meeting but it was so bad under foot that there was no one out for meeting so we had a good visit and explained the gospel to the family Jan 14 Snowing most all the time never went out tracting studied nearly all day. Jan 15 Saturday Elder Jones from Kent. came up so we put in most of the day visiting with him Jan 16 Sunday held our Sunday school as usual I having to take charge of the class had one investagator at Sunday school we allso held a cottage meeting at night and I was called to speak after which Elder Swapp accupied the remaining time Jan 17 Stormy day so we couldnt go out tracting Jan 18 Held our class in the forenoon then we all went out tracting in the afternoon I had a very good time as I got in some good conversations and where I was the people had a prayer meeting appointed so I thought it would be a good chance to get to preach we might attend they said it would be all right so Elder Swapp and I went down at night and there was no leader came for them so they turned the meeting over to us and we explained the gospel to them and had a good meeting Jan 19 Held class in the morning then went out tracting in the afternoon and then held a cottage meeting at night Elders Briggs, Christensen and myself doing the speaking 20 Clear sun shining all day was out tracting in afternoon Pres Duffin left us and went to Charleston Elders Swapp Briggs and Christensen went out to hold a meeting but the people dident understand the day we was to come so they dident have one but made an appointment for the next night 21 Snowed a blizzard most all day so we dident do much but Elder Briggs and I went to the west end and held a very good meeting and Elders Swapp and Christinsen went to the east end and held one up there 22 Saturday and still snowing the other three elders went to Kentucky to visit some other elders and I stayed home and studied 23 Sunday so we held our sunday school at two oclock in the afternoon and then held meeting at night Elders Briggs and Swapp were the speakers. 24 Monday cloudy and cold went out tracting Elder Swapp went to Cincinnatia to see doctor 25 Three of us here held our class in the morning and went out tracting in the afternoon when we got back in the evening we found one brother from Logan Co here to visit with us his name was Bro Eliss he had been in Huntington for two weeks and never knew where to find us Elder Swapp came back about five thirty. 26 Went out tracting as usual and Elder Christensen and I held a cottage meeting at Sister Halcombs and Elders Swapp and Briggs went out to another meeting in the west end of town I having received a release to return home I was a little worried that day 27 I dident feel very good so I never went out tracting but Sister Rude came and I had a gospel conversation with hur and gave her some papers and jurnals to read 28 Nice day so we held our class in the morning had dinner and then Bro Ellis and Thompson from Logan Co. came to see us so Elders Swapp and Briggs stayed and talked with them and Elder Christensen and I went out tracting Had a nice time Elder Christensen got word from Pres. Duffin to come to Charleston 29 It seemed like breaking up camp as elder Christensen left us and went to Charleston and the rest of us spent the day pressing our cloths and studing 30 Sunday held our sunday school in the afternoon and then there was a young man from Kentucky came to see us he had filled a mission in the southern States so we had a nice talk with him and he stayed to our meeting a night and spoke to us for a short time his name was Lowe and he is working up to the Ensign Shop 31 We had a moving as Elders Swapp and Briggs had rented a room up at 1714 on 17th street and they were moving up there and I moved over to Rickets lodging house Sister Halcomb broke up housekeeping after we all left February 1 I just loafed around and spent the time the best I could 2 Rained all day and at night it turned cold and snowed some 3 I went up to where the other elders were and visited with them untill afternoon and then I brought some mail down and posted it for them and they went tracting 4 Nice day and I bought me an overeat and looked around the town

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Jabez Williams se narodil(a) na 24 May 1875
Jabez Williams was 10 years old when Louis Pasteur successfully tests his vaccine against rabies on Joseph Meister, a boy who was bitten by a rabid dog. Louis Pasteur was a French biologist, microbiologist and chemist renowned for his discoveries of the principles of vaccination, microbial fermentation and pasteurization. He is remembered for his remarkable breakthroughs in the causes and prevention of diseases, and his discoveries have saved many lives ever since. He reduced mortality from puerperal fever, and created the first vaccines for rabies and anthrax. His medical discoveries provided direct support for the germ theory of disease and its application in clinical medicine. He is best known to the general public for his invention of the technique of treating milk and wine to stop bacterial contamination, a process now called pasteurization. He is regarded as one of the three main founders of bacteriology, together with Ferdinand Cohn and Robert Koch, and is popularly known as the "father of microbiology".
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Jabez Williams was 21 years old when George VI of the United Kingdom (d. 1952) George VI was King of the United Kingdom and the Dominions of the British Commonwealth from 11 December 1936 until his death in 1952. He was the last Emperor of India and the first Head of the Commonwealth.
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Jabez Williams was 33 years old when Ford puts the Model T car on the market at a price of US$825. Ford Motor Company is an American multinational automaker headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit. It was founded by Henry Ford and incorporated on June 16, 1903. The company sells automobiles and commercial vehicles under the Ford brand and most luxury cars under the Lincoln brand. Ford also owns Brazilian SUV manufacturer Troller, an 8% stake in Aston Martin of the United Kingdom, and a 49% stake in Jiangling Motors of China. It also has joint-ventures in China, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, and Russia. The company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and is controlled by the Ford family; they have minority ownership but the majority of the voting power.
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Jabez Williams was 42 years old when Tsar Nicholas II of Russia was forced to abdicate in the February Revolution, ending three centuries of Romanov rule. Nicholas II or Nikolai II, known as Saint Nicholas in the Russian Orthodox Church, was the last Emperor of Russia, ruling from 1 November 1894 until his forced abdication on 15 March 1917. His reign saw the fall of the Russian Empire from one of the foremost great powers of the world to economic and military collapse. He was given the nickname Nicholas the Bloody or Vile Nicholas by his political adversaries due to the Khodynka Tragedy, anti-Semitic pogroms, Bloody Sunday, the violent suppression of the 1905 Russian Revolution, the executions of political opponents, and his perceived responsibility for the Russo-Japanese War (1904-1905). Soviet historians portray Nicholas as a weak and incompetent leader whose decisions led to military defeats and the deaths of millions of his subjects.
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Jabez Williams was 53 years old when Walt Disney character Mickey Mouse premieres in his first cartoon, "Plane Crazy". Walter Elias Disney was an American entrepreneur, animator, voice actor and film producer. A pioneer of the American animation industry, he introduced several developments in the production of cartoons. As a film producer, Disney holds the record for most Academy Awards earned by an individual, having won 22 Oscars from 59 nominations. He was presented with two Golden Globe Special Achievement Awards and an Emmy Award, among other honors. Several of his films are included in the National Film Registry by the Library of Congress.
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Jabez Williams was 56 years old when Great Depression: In a State of the Union message, U.S. President Herbert Hoover proposes a $150 million (equivalent to $2,197,000,000 in 2017) public works program to help generate jobs and stimulate the economy. The Great Depression was a severe worldwide economic depression that took place mostly during the 1930s, beginning in the United States. The timing of the Great Depression varied across nations; in most countries it started in 1929 and lasted until the late-1930s. It was the longest, deepest, and most widespread depression of the 20th century. In the 21st century, the Great Depression is commonly used as an example of how far the world's economy can decline.
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Jabez Williams died na 1 Nov 1940 at the age of 65
Grave record for Jabez Williams (24 May 1875 - 1 Nov 1940), BillionGraves Record 1871615 Leavitt, Cardston, Alberta, Canada